Race Recap {Women Run the Cities}

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September 28, 2011 by Carin

 Who doesn’t love a cool, sunny and beautiful fall morning to go out and run 10 miles?

 I do, I do, I do!! 

 My wonderful friend Jen let it be know on Facebook that she had registered for a 10 mile race, that was at the time, coming up.   I asked which race and she invited me to join her at Women Run the Cities 10 miler.  I in turn invited another friend, Katherine, to join in the fun and fun it was! 

Jen, Willa, Carin and Katherine

 The starting line was at the beautiful Minnehaha Falls inMinneapolis and the course meandered down and back on theRiver Road along theMississippi River.  Everything about the morning was perfect.  The sun was shining, the river was like glass, the houses spectacular and the view of theMinneapolis skyline was just part of what made the race fun. 

 My plan for the race was that I would stick with Jen to “run the race” and not “race the race” knowing that I had the TC10 mile race a week later and wanted to put everything I had into that race.  Jen, Katherine and I found the 10:00 minute pacer and started the race out together…sort of.  Katherine took off to get some space and I went after her.  I did after all invite her to run this race and didn’t feel like I could let her take off and run it alone.  We got into a nice groove and hit 9:00 min/mile from the start and kept it going for the entire 10 miles.  Katherine wasn’t sure how well she would do considering most weeks she doesn’t have any run longer then 7 miles and here she was running 9:00 min pace for more then 7 miles.  We were cruising and I was feeling awesome.  As the race went on, the hills felt easier and the pace just rolled out of my legs.  You don’t always feel that way during a race, trust me, I have run a few races in my day and this day was working in my favor. 

 The race organizers had water stops at every other mile, which was perfect.  There were just enough people at every stop to make it easy to get a cup of water and not feel like it was a mad house.  The finish area was well staffed with chip clippers, water and goodies.  I wasn’t too impressed with the post-race food though, but that is what the race sponsors supplied, so you take what you can get.  You don’t need much more than a Nut Goodie, water and a banana when you are heading home to crash anyway, so I really shouldn’t complain. 

 All in all, the race was fun, well organized, had great swag and a beautiful course.  Should you run this race next year?  I would totally recommend Women Run the Cities.  I am already planning on running the race next year and I hope you will join me!

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