Being a Mom {Enjoying a Moment}


October 12, 2011 by Carin

As a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) it is really easy for me to get caught up in everything around me, from the dishes in the sink to the toys lying all around the house to the baby constantly spitting up on me to the internet.  I sometimes, okay, a lot of the time forget to just take in the moment and really enjoy my kids, especially Grace the 2 yr old.  If you are or ever have been a mom, you know that a 2 yr. old is all about having things their way, doing what they want all day long, changing their mind a the drop of a hat, testing limits, throwing tantrums and so on and so forth.  Right now, much of my day is just trying to keep up and to be honest, not go CRAZY.  I love Grace more then anything, she makes me laugh several times a day and has made me realize the little things around us that only a 2 yr. old would notice. But to be honest, throughout the day I forget to enjoy her and forget that she is only this age once.  The wonderment doesn’t last forever. 

So, today while the little guy was napping (a quick 30 min nap that should have been an hour) I busted out some watercolor paints that I had bought over the weekend.  She has painted at ECFE a few times, but never for more then a few minutes because there are always a million other things going on and other kids to play with.  When I asked her if she wanted to paint, her face lit up with a huge smile, she jumped up and down and was genuinely excited to paint with Mommy.  So for 30 minutes today, I sat with Grace and really put myself in the moment with her and painted.  She looked at my paintings and told me they were “Beautiful”.  I told her she was doing a great job painting and that her paintings were beautiful and that I loved them.  When the little man woke up from his brief nap, I was bummed that our painting together had to come to an end and Grace was upset that we had to be done.  But, sitting with Grace at her little table, just the two of us today was the best part of my day and made me realize that we need more of them together, that I, as her mom need to let go of all the stuff and really enjoy these moments I have with her.  Because before I know it, she won’t be little and painting with her mom won’t be fun or special.  I just need to remind myself that I need to take in one special moment each day. I wish I could say take in the whole day as special, but let’s be real, life with two kids, one being 2 doesn’t always lend itself to many great or best moments throughout the day.  But, today we had ours painting and it was awesome!


One thought on “Being a Mom {Enjoying a Moment}

  1. maloumom123 says:

    Love this post Carin. And youre so right!

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