Weekend Fun {Fall Activities}

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October 18, 2011 by Carin

This past Saturday we spent the day enjoying the true fall weather that finally made an appearance this weekend.  The air was crisp, though a little on the windy side, sunny and just what we needed after having some unseasonable warm fall weather.  We got the kids dressed in fall clothing and headed out early to enjoy the day. We had a visit to Gale Woods Farm and Apple Jack Orchards on the agenda for the day and fun we had. 

We started out our day at Gale Woods Farm, a small working farm that is part of the Three Rivers Park District . We got to visit and learn about chickens, cows, sheep, turkeys and one of the farms dogs.  Grace got to try her hand at milking Mimi the cow (and did quite well for a 2 yr old), collecting chicken eggs, feeding the chickens, petting sheared and un-sheared sheep and talking to the turkeys! This a fun way for kids who have no access to a farm to visit and interact with some animals and get a real world view of the animals life, something a little more real life then a petting zoo.

Grace checking out the sheep

Petting Harald (Mimi’s son)

We finished out our visit with a run through the hay bale maze. 


Our next stop for the day was Apple Jack Orchards inDelano.  That place was crazy fun.  They had a ton of activities for kids and Grace loved it.  I can’t wait till Myles to be able to enjoy this place next year.  They had a stack of hay bales for the kids to climb on, some turkeys and goats, pony rides, corn maze, an apple/pumpkin cannon and more.  Luckily Grace was so enamored with the hay bale stack that we didn’t have to buy tickets for any of the other activities. She could have climbed the stack all day and would have been happy.  

A few apples left for us

Myles drooling over the apples

We did eventually pull her off the stack and “dragged” her apple picking.  The trees were pretty bare.  We were informed that the weekend before was insanely busy, so there wasn’t much left except for some Haralson and Fireside apples. Our “hike” to the farthest corner of the orchard to find apples did result in small, sweet and firm Fireside apples.  (They may or may not have been included in that night’s dinner)To round out our trip to the orchard, we picked out some pumpkins for Halloween, a butternut squash and some awesome apple fritter bread.   Apple Jack Orchards is a lot of fun for  kids and we will be making this a yearly tradition until our kids are too old to enjoy the fun. 


Myles and Grace were both worn out from our Fall Adventure and took really good naps when we got home, which gave us a rest and energy to plan our fall themed dinner using the apples and squash we bought.  Our dinner was awesome, but more so because we picked the apples as a family on a day well spent together!

 What have you done to enjoy the fall season?

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