My toddler teacher


October 26, 2011 by Melissa

I really have a lot to learn from my two year old.  The art and practice of forgiveness, for one thing.  Lucy doesn’t know what a grudge is, much less how to bear one.  I’ve had my share of sub-par parenting moments with her, especially now that there are two kids and one me.  All I have to do is apologize and hug her and she’s moved on.  To be honest I don’t even have to apologize.  She doesn’t harbor resentment or cling to her anger.  She just lets it go and allows me to forgive myself in the process.  It really is a thing of grace.  Can you imagine if we all were so quick to forgive?

Another lesson she teaches me often is to enjoy the little things.  For instance, she gets so excited by the weather-all of it.  If it’s windy she’s excited, if it’s raining she’s over the moon, if it’s sunny she’s wide eyed with the possibilities of the day.  The other day as we were leaving the house she stopped, turned to me with a huge grin and said “You hear that?  The birds are singing!”  I did stop myself for a moment to listen-it was beautiful.  Every week when we get our box of CSA fruits and veggies, we spend an hour on the floor of the kitchen smelling each item, learning their names and discussing the cleaning and cooking of it all.  She laughs and squeals in delight when it’s all layed out before us.  The world is a pretty miraculous place when you think about it and Lucy points it out to me often.

Finally is the importance of keeping a promise.  It’s momentous to a two year old that when you say “I promise” you follow through on it.  No exceptions.  We get so jaded as we get older and the word promise loses its meaning, unfortunately.  I don’t want to be the reason for that let down in my daughter so I’m trying to use the p word sparingly and only when I absolutely can guarantee it.  Am I always successful?  Absolutely not, but I’m trying.  She remembers if I promise to do something the next day and she calls me on it.  It’s humbling, to say the least.  I find myself assigning more importance to the word in my own life, however, and am amazed how often that pledge is broken.

Okay, Lucy, let’s go wait by the window for the garbage truck to come.  It is wonderful, isn’t it?  I can hear it-it’ll be here soon, I promise…

One thought on “My toddler teacher

  1. Gina says:

    That is so true Melissa and you wrote it beautifully! You brought tears to my eyes and reminded me to do the same with my two boys! Thank you!

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