Thirty Minutes of “Me” Time

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October 28, 2011 by Gina

Thirty minutes.  Thirty small minutes that turn into a big thing.  I had thirty minutes to myself yesterday and instead of reading a book or taking a shower or folding laundry, I laced up my running shoes, put the Garmin GPS watch on and literally ran out the front door.  Brian was home so after I fed Getty and Finn was busy eating lunch, I snuck out the door.  Okay…I didn’t really sneak…I left amid Finn yelling, “I want to go for a walk with mom, I want to go for a walk RIGHT NOW!!”.  So I just left and decided to cherish the next few minutes alone.

This time of year in Minnesota is so beautiful (as long as you don’t think about what is just around the corner).  Yesterday was no exception – the sky was bright blue with fluffy, white clouds interspersed and you could smell and feel the crisp, clean fall day.  Perfect weather for a run!

I love to run – it’s something I’ve been doing since I was ten years old.  It’s also an activity I have done too little of in the last year between pregnancy, childbirth and raising a 2-year-old and newborn.  I started out slowly, walking a quarter-mile warm-up and chatting with neighbors as I walked past.  Everyone seemed to be soaking up the last bits of relatively warm fall weather and sunshine.  Then, I settled into a slow jog/run and fell into a perfect rhythm despite my lack of regular running.  I completed two miles at a 9-minute mile pace and decided I should probably walk for a while, or risk incapacitating soreness the next day.

My run and walk were only thirty minutes but they felt so good! I wasn’t pushing a stroller, stopping every few minutes to pop a cork back in Getty’s mouth or hand Finn a snack or dealing with other distractions on a walk with two kids.  Before having children, I would never have appreciated these thirty minutes.  I used to have hours to myself and never thought twice about them.  I ran daily and didn’t realize what a gift that was.

I reveled in the beauty of a simple run on a gorgeous fall day during my thirty minutes of “me” time!  As I came back into the house smelly and sweaty, Finn yelled, “Mama, you came back!” – he was as happy to see me as I was to have those thirty minutes!

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