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November 18, 2011 by Melissa

  1.  I’m trying a new organizational/cleaning tool in my everyday life now that we have another being in the house to pick up after-it’s the 10 second rule.  If something takes less than 10 seconds to deal with, do it immediately.  For example, putting the coat in the closet, putting the towel in the hamper, putting the lid back on the peanut butter and putting it away.  That way the end of the day cleaning doesn’t involve so much time.  So far so good but we’ll see how long it lasts.
  2. Read about a great idea in a parenting magazine (Parents Magazine 10/11)-tie dying all those stained onesies to give them new life.
  3. If you’re so inclined, you should check out my cousin’s wife, Colleen’s, blog about being a vegan while trying to be a wife with four kids (  She has a lot of great recipes and information about food, nutrition, environment, ect.  And all done in a non-judgmental way, which I, a carnivore, love.
  4. For those of you in the Twin Cities metro area, I highly recommend checking out Mojo Monkey Donuts in St Paul-get there early, though.  It’s a popular place.  Thank goodness the donut craze of Seattle has come here.
  5. I’m realizing how smart we were to get Teflon coating on our living room furniture we ordered when I was pregnant with Lucy-I’ve cleaned up peanut butter, marker, spit up, and lotion this week with just a wet washcloth.  So do yourself a favor if you have kids or are thinking of ever having kids, spring for the Teflon coating…
  6. My hubbie is taking Lucy to her first movie tomorrow – Happy Feet 2.  I remember going to my first movie, a showing of Cinderella, with my mom when I was about 3.  Great memory and it was nice to have my mom all to myself.
  7. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!  Hope to see you back here on Monday!

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