Here comes Christmas!

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November 21, 2011 by Melissa

As we have a busy Thanksgiving weekend ahead of us, we decided to get the house Christmasified this weekend.  I forgot how magical the holidays are for little ones-even my 7 week old couldn’t take her eyes off the tree.  My 2 year old, Lucy, and I brought up all our holiday decorations and lights and she spent a good hour pouring through the boxes with exclamations of “Wow!” and “That’s beautiful!” even when looking at clips for the outdoor lights.  We put Christmas music on and went to work on our tree.  Making it even more perfect was the first snow of the year falling outside the window.

Decorating the tree

We have an eclectic mix of ornaments on our tree-some commemorating our first Christmas as a married couple, some handmade by family, some in honor of our girls’ first holidays, and some from when my husband was younger and got Star Trek ornaments every year from his parents.  We’ve got candy canes on there, handmade bows and a santa hat to top it off instead of a star or an angel.  It’s our tree and no one else’s.  It’s a little bottom heavy with ornaments this year due to our toddler helping to decorate and I’m fully expecting several episodes of the tree falling over with so much curiosity.  One year my parents, in an act of desperation and creative genius with three little kids around, cut the tree in half vertically and tethered the tree to the wall…brilliant I say.  If only an artificial tree were as easy to cut.

Now that it’s up, the discussion of Santa Claus and gift giving has commenced.  Lucy seems excited to see Santa this year but we’ll see.  Check out the photo from last year’s session below.

Lucy and Santa

Cookie making, snow angels, Christmas music, our Night Before Christmas book (which we’ve been reading since June but who’s counting), card sending, Chris and I figuring out what to get our girls, what to put in their stockings, how to make this season beautiful and memorable for them without spending a lot of money is what is on our minds now…how lucky we are that we have so much to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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