Confession Tuesday {11.22.11}

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November 22, 2011 by Gina

I am a killer.

That’s quite a bombshell that I’m sure no one was expecting on Confession Tuesday.  Yet, sadly, it’s true.  And…it happened this year.  I don’t remember all the details or maybe I’ve just shut them out.  It was either before Getty was born or maybe right after he was born.  I think Finn was there but I can’t be sure.  Boy…this is really sounding horrible.

Here’s what I do remember.  I was outside in our backyard and there were weeds everywhere around the base of our catalpa tree.  Brian had planted hostas and some annual flowers there and they looked great, but there were weeds in there too.  So, I just pulled all the weeds and threw them in our compost pile (or maybe over the fence into the neighbors yard – oh, don’t side with the neighbor – they have 4 loud, big dogs that bark at all hours).

The details really are quite sketchy, but a few days later I heard Brian say, “Stupid rabbits!! They ate all the beans and peas Finn and I planted.”  OOPS!  I knew immediately what he meant but instead of confessing right then, I just casually asked what he meant.  He told me all the plants were gone from the base of the tree.  I had killed the plants Finn and his daddy had lovingly planted from seed.  I just couldn’t bring myself to tell Brian.  I had at least not pulled the pumpkin plant.  We have alot of rabbits so I just let him think they ate the plants – all of them.  He still thinks that.  I have yet to come clean.

So that’s it – you can call me “killer”now and I have covered it up for months, which may be worse.

Anything you feel like confessing today?

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