Confession Tuesday

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November 29, 2011 by Melissa

I wasn’t sure I wanted to confess to what I’m about to confess to but then I realized that that is the spirit of the confession.  When I was pregnant with my first, my Dad, a lovely man and a gem of a father, told me that were a few nights of sheer frustration a and anger at us as babies when we wouldn’t stop crying.  He said he got to a point where he had to put us down and walk away for a few minutes so he wouldn’t do what he feared he would do otherwise.  I always thought that it was because he was so young, or because he had a short temper but then we had our babies.  We love our kids more than anything in the whole world-they are the greatest joys in our lives.  However, there were some nights, especially with our first daughter, that almost broke us.  The frustration and anger that can be pointed at a helpless infant who is crying for no apparent reason is astounding, especially when compounded by sleep deprivation.  There were, indeed, a few times I had to hand her off to Chris.  I am so thankful that my Dad told me that about himself.  I didn’t feel like such a parental failure and it made me realize that this probably happens to most parents, especially those with colicky or fussy babies.  I could take a deep breath and know there were probably thousands of parents in the world at that moment having the same feelings.  Looking back it’s almost ridiculous, but when you’re in it, it can be scary and demoralizing. So don’t feel guilty for thinking those thoughts, just walk away or hand them off before you act and just  think of how you’ll tell them about it when they’re about to be parents…

Any confession you want to make?

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