Married with Kids

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December 5, 2011 by Melissa

My husband, Chris, and I have been together a long time.  We started dating in high school so have been together almost, gasp, 17 years.  In that time there have certainly been times when we forget to make each other a priority and now that we have 2 little ones under foot, it’s easier to do than ever.  But we haven’t.  When he comes home from work, we spend a few precious minutes talking, much to our two year old’s chagrin, about our days and asking how the other is.  We trade off handling each kid and know each other enough to give the other a break when needed.  We also know to communicate if we need some down time to read, or blog or, in my husband’s case, brew some beer.

Over Thanksgiving weekend we decided to utilize my parents outstanding babysitting skills and, ssshhh, go on a real date.  The last date we were on was a too distant memory so this was much needed.  We just went out for dinner as I had to be back to feed our youngest but it was all we needed to remember that we are more than parents-we’re partners and best friends, we’re confidants and cheerleaders, husband and wife.  We recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary and I still love it when he walks through the door at the end of the day and he loves having me and our girls to come home to.  How lucky can a girl get?  On top of my luck, our girls get to witness a loving and respectful marriage.  They are learning how to treat their future partners and will expect to be treated just as well, we hope.  I know they hate hearing “Just a minute, honey, I’m talking to your father,” but I love that they’re seeing our marriage succeed and be put first.  We’re better with them when we’re good with each other…

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