Baby Burp Cloths {Gift Idea}

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December 7, 2011 by Gina

I love to craft, scrapbook and sew!  Unfortunately, I don’t have nearly enough time to do it these days.  But…I have found a terrific sewing project that is easy and gives me baby gifts that are ready to go for everyone I know who is having babies these days.  I’ve been making burp cloths as gifts for about 1.5 years and everyone loves them.  I personally feel that you can never have enough burp rags when you have a new baby.  Both of my boys have been (and Getty still is) BIG spitter-uppers.  I could have 300 of these on hand and still need more.

My stash of burp cloths ready to go!

Alot of people have asked me for my pattern and I can’t take credit for these great burp cloths.  I found a pattern online through a terrific blog called “Homemade by Jill“.  Jill is a mother of THREE and still finds time to do amazing crafts and projects.  She is also generous enough to post lots of templates and patterns.  I would explain how to make these burp cloths but Jill does such a great job, I’ll just link to the burp cloth tutorial on Jill’s blog and you can take it from there.

One of my favorite flannels - they come in so many fun patterns!

I’ve found making these in really large batches is the way to go!  I make about 40 or 50 at a time.  That way I always have them on hand, for myself or a gift.  Two and a half yards of fabric will make 8 burp cloths – one fabric (1 1/4 yards) for the front and one fabric (1 1/4 yards) for the back, plus you’ll need batting.  The other great thing about this gift is that they are pre-washed and ready for your recipient to use right away!

Happy sewing and gift giving (or cleaning up after your own baby)!

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