The Great Christmas Tree Hunt {2011}

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December 8, 2011 by Carin

The day had finally arrived, the day we would bundle up and head out to the Christmas tree farm to search out the perfect Christmas tree.  The morning started out with 6 month pictures for Myles and then a short car ride out to Waconia, to Z’s Trees.  In years past we have gone to Pinestead Christmas Trees and love the place, but with Myles’ pictures in the morning, a long car trip out to Isanti wasn’t in the cards.  So 35 minutes after leaving the photo shoot we were ready to hop on a tractor to head out to the tree field and find our perfect tree.

 Grace loved the hunt, every tree we walked by was followed with “Mom, do you like this one?” or “Mom, this one is perfect!”  We spent about 30 minutes looking at the trees and then another 15 minutes narrowing it down between the few trees we liked.  The hardest part of all this was re-finding the trees we liked after we for sure thought we would remember where they were.  Funny, I know!  Brian cut our “perfect” tree down, and we hailed a tractor going back to the barn where the tree would be shaken (not stirred!) and bailed for our trip home. 

Our tree cut down and ready to go home

Once back at the barn, we enjoyed some peanuts, warm cider and a visit with Santa.   Grace was by no means afraid of Santa this year.  She walked right up to Santa and gave him a hug; it was so precious that my heart melted.  I quickly got my camera and took a picture, albeit blurry, but I do have the sweetness captured.   She talked to Santa; got a coloring book and then we took a picture of Myles and Grace on Santa’s lap.  The picture is now sitting out with the past two years of Santa pictures.  It is fun to see what Grace looked like two years ago with Santa and now we get to start the tradition with Myles.  I will be sad when they are too big to sit on Santa’s lap and have their picture taken. 

My cuties...not crying with Santa


Melt my heart!


Once home, the tree was placed in its stand, given time to “rest” and then lit and decorated. Myles was already in bed due to a lack of quality napping, but Grace had a great time and wanted to hang every ornament on the tree herself.  Our tree is beautiful and it is such a fun tradition, more so this year because Grace is somewhat aware of the tradition and because we had Myles with us to start the yearly training of finding the “perfect” Christmas tree. 

Are you a fresh Christmas tree fan?  Do trek out to a farm to cut it down or find the nearest Christmas tree lot for your “perfect” tree?

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