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December 9, 2011 by Melissa

I’m reading the new Jeffrey Eugenides book, The Marriage Plot, and can’t put it down (sorry kids).  Like his other books, you can’t stop thinking about the characters even though they may not be very likeable.

I was blown away by the incredible service at Shutterflythis week-I ordered my holiday photo cards late Sunday night and our package was delivered early Tuesday afternoon (with normal shipping rate!) and I got around $17 off my order with coupons and holiday sales right now.  You can even get the envelopes addressed for you if you’re last minute with no time to spare.

Christmas Card Photo

This time of year can be grueling to run any simple errand, especially in northern climates with snow and cold to deal with.  My two girls and I had our normal big monthly shopping trip to Target last Monday and, of course, it snowed.  We spend a good hour and a half getting our shopping done (I, thankfully, have two very well behaved and quiet children thus far) but getting out the door with a two year old, a very full cart, an infant who hates that cold wind, and slush on the ground proved a little much for me as my cart didn’t want to go to the right where my car was, but was determined to go left.  A very kind Target employee, who was not on the clock but just coming in to work, asked if I needed help.  He took my cart and let me handle the girls and then put my groceries in my trunk for me so I could get the girls buckled in.  He made my day and I called the store to offer my praise.  Don’t forget to do that this time of year-working retail is hard in any circumstance, especially during the holidays and stores need reasons to celebrate their hard workers.  I try to send thank you notes and holiday cards to my pharmacist, my doctors and nurses, my waste management crew, when I can-it makes their day.

I was realizing the other day that I tend to be apologetic when explaining the system my husband and I have right now for who gets up with the baby.  I’m not going to apologize anymore as it works for us.  Here it is: as I’m breastfeeding little Alice, I sleep in her room (we still have our guest bed in there) so we won’t disturb Chris.  Chris is one of those people that a) is cranky when he wakes up and b) takes forever to fall back to sleep.  I am neither of those things and I’ve been blessed with those lovely hormones that come with breastfeeding that minimize the effects of sleeplessness.  Chris gets up with Lucy in the morning (she’s an early riser) and will take Alice with him if she’s up to give me more time to sleep.  We’ll be putting Alice in her crib when she starts getting some consistent long stretches of sleep during the night and I’ll go back to my cozy matrimonial bed.  This works for us, really well.  So if you’re feeling guilty about what you have going-don’t.  It’s your family and your life-you don’t have to make it mold to anything but what you need.

On that long note, I do love my coffee in the morning…J

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Hopefully we’ll see you back here on Monday!

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