More than a Mama {Running edition}


December 15, 2011 by Carin

I registered for two races yesterday afternoon while the kids were napping.   The races are in March, yes it is December and the races are three months away.  The decision came about last Thursday night while at my husbands Christmas party.  A friend that works in his office is a Mom and a runner.  We got talking kids, running, work and life.  Then Katherine said, “I want to run a race with you again” and I jumped at the chance.  I immediately said I knew of a few races in March and would send her the info.  A few days after sending her the info, she proposed we run both races, a 10 mile and a half-marathon on back to back weekends.  Ambitious?  Yes!  Will it be fun?  Yes!

 Some of you probably wonder why I run so much, why do I share my races with our readers and what is the BIG deal with this running stuff.  To be honest, I love to run.  I love the feel of a good sweat, the adrenaline, the accomplishment, the ability to eat ice cream without guilt and the biggest reason, it reminds me of who I was before I was a Mom, as well as who I was before I was a wife.  It is one piece of “Me” that I can be for a short time any day I can fit a run in.   I love my life, but the person I was before I was a wife and a mother, have let me grow into those two roles to be the person I am today.  But, I also think it is important for any parent to do something for them (as long as it is safe and not detrimental to the family) away from the family, because we are still important individuals.  What is that saying; a happy Mom (or Dad) makes for a happy family?  Running makes me happy.  It helps me to be a better person with more patience and tolerance on the roller coaster ride of a 2.5 yr old and a 7 month old.  Running forces me out of the house on those days it would be easier to stay home and sit, it helps me problem solve those tough toddler issues and it keeps my perspective on motherhood and being a wife more open. Running makes me a better person mentally and physically. 

 If  my life as a Mom was just about being a Mom and a wife, I think eventually I would get to a point in life and realize I have nothing for me, nothing for me by me that makes me happy or excited.  Yes, my kids and husband make me happy, but that won’t always be the case and as a Mom, we need time away from our family to remember why we became a parent, what about it we love, and why we work so hard to keep the family going.  Everyone needs time away weather it be an hour a day or a week a year.  Time gives us renewal and the feeling of being fresh for whatever comes our way. 

 Running is my outlet to remind me that I am strong, have a passion, am mentally tough, and if I work towards a goal I can achieve it.  It also shows my daughter that it is important and fun to be healthy.  I am the role model that allows her to see that women and girls can play sports, get sweaty and be competitive.  Those things aren’t just for the boys.  She will grow up seeing her Mom work hard, sweat, accomplish goals, and cross finish lines.  Sometimes I will be excited with the results and others I might cry or be disappointed.  Seeing this in real life from her Mom will teach her that working hard sometimes doesn’t always produce the results you want.  But eventually you need to pick yourself up; dig deep and work harder.  With that anything is possible.    

 What do you do that helps you be a better Mom and wife?

One thought on “More than a Mama {Running edition}

  1. Gina says:

    So true Carin and this really hit home with me! Those are some of the same reasons I love to run and you reminded me why I need to do more of it again. I’ve taken WAY too long of a hiatus. Now, if I could just get healthy to get some miles in. Maybe I should sign up for the 10 miler. Or maybe I should restart with a 5K!

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