Things on My Mind {12.16.11}

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December 16, 2011 by Carin

Christmas is 9 days away!!  

We are almost done with our shopping, just a few things little things and oh yea, the dog.  Carter needs a few new toys, a bed and of course some nice holiday treats.  Now that we have two kids, our hairy son often gets forgotten and ignored (well not totally ignored), so we try to make him feel extra special when we can!

Wishing it would snow to make it feel like Christmas.  The warmer weather was nice but with the snow new melted and gone, it feels like March and not December.  Boo!

Myles had croup last week.  Like the info states, it presented itself on Thursday night while my husband and I were out at his holiday party.  We thought he was just coming down with a chest cold.  By Friday afternoon, the situation got worse and I took him to the doctor.  He was treated for croup with a neb treatment and steroids.  It was a bit scary and I felt like a bad parent for not doing something sooner.  But we learn from our mistakes and he is fine now, well except for the cold that appears to be on its way out.

 That cold of Myles’ that is on it way out, well it is making its way to me!  Not fun.  As I write this I am tired, achy and ready to head to bed. 

 A few weeks ago, I made Lasagna Soup by A Farm Girl’s Dabbles.  If you are looking for a hearty, winter soup, this is a really easy and yummy soup.  Slice up some good crusty bread, toss together a nice green salad and you have a wonderful dinner.  The best part of the soup you ask?  The yummy ricotta dollop you add to the top, don’t leave it out!

Last weekend, my Mom, my sister Brenda and I baked Christmas cookies.  We didn’t go to crazy, but I think I got stuck with all the sugar cookies covered in frosting and sprinkles (that can be good for the taste buds, bad for the hips).  Grace loved sprinkling all the cookies we frosted, some are a little ridiculous, but she loved it and I was happy to start this fun Christmas tradition with her.

About a week ago I tried a new cookie bar recipe.  Chocolate chip cookie bars with a pretzel crust by two peas & their pod.  The mix of chocolate and the salty pretzel crust are a perfect pairing.  A cold glass of milk and a bar make a perfect treat to end the day.  The authors also have a lot of other yummy looking recipes, one or two that might make it into the Christmas brunch line-up. 

 Thanks for visiting us this week.   We will see you next Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend getting ready for Christmas or maybe you are starting the festivities early, either way, have a fun and safe weekend!!

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