Confession Tuesday-12/20/11

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December 20, 2011 by Melissa

So, I’ve heard various versions of this same story so if it happens to you, know you’re not alone.  When Lucy was about 5 or 6 months old, I was racing around trying to get to the daycare in time to pick her up so I wouldn’t get charged a late fee.  I got there in time, got her in her car seat and put her in the car.  I thought I heard the car seat click into the base.  Now, Lucy wasn’t a fan of riding in the car as an infant so it was normal to hear crying from the backseat as I did my best to sing/talk/sooth her, but this time she just wasn’t calming down.  At the next red light I turned around to see what was going on and saw to my horror that her carseat had tipped over onto its side on the seat next to the base!  I pulled over, put my flashers on (which got me several dirty looks and an obscene gesture) and ran around the car to help my poor girl.  Thank goodness I wasn’t in any accidents and she was securely buckled in to the seat part…oh the what ifs can kill you.  I’ve heard many variations of this: forgetting to buckle kids into the seat, almost driving off with the car seat on the ground next to the car, etc.  With more than one child, it’s even easier to miss a step-so now I’m sure to give the seat a few good shakes before taking off…usually.

Lucy in her car seat safe and sound

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