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December 22, 2011 by Carin

I am tired.  It has been a long few weeks with sick kiddos, getting ready for Christmas and having a cold.  The little man of ours has blessed us with 2 nights of 7pm-7am of continuous sleep, which means no pacifier inserting in the middle of the night…YES!   He is sleeping through the night (knock on wood) so now I have a chance to catch up on my sleep from waking often with him and having my own sickness to deal with.  The last few days I have felt a little more normal, but still somewhat a walking zombie, so I am lacking inspiration and a train of thought at the present moment.  Instead of posting some wisdom about being a mom, I thought I would share a few inspirations from Pinterest.  If you are not sure what Pinterest is, check it out.  It is a great site to collect images, ideas and anything else you can imagine in one place.  Love it!

Here we go!

Pinned Image

Found  on Polyvore

What an easy outfit to copy.  The pieces shown area little expensive for my budget, but the outfit could easily be put together with less expensive pieces and things I already own.  I love how comfortable the outfit looks,  yet put together.  The sweather looks positively comfy and curl up by the fire worthy!


Pinned Image

Isn’t this the cutest skirt ever?  It would be so easy to make one for Grace by taking fabric scraps and notting them around a piece of ribbon or elastic.  Might have to work on this one come spring.  Also, need to track down an old pair of cowboy boots to complete the look which make this skirt so, so cute.


Pinned Image

Calm down jar found at Here We Are Together

Now what parent of a Toddler doesn’t need a calm down jar?   The idea is that you shake the jar and the child has to watch the jar until all the glitter has fallen down to the bottom and by that time the child should be calmed down from whatever tantrum or incident got them all riled up and possibley even calm enough to talk to. 


Pinned Image

via Taste of Home

So cute for Christmas morning breakfast….might have to add these ingrediants to my grocery list to make for Grace.  I am sure she would love it!


Pinned Image

Recylced Wreath

What do you do with all your holiday cards every year?  This would be a fun way to re-use them and enjoy them from year to year.  I have ours from the past 5 years, this wreath might just be the thing to get them out of the box next year and put to good use.


Pinned Image

I love this!


Even when I feel I am too tired from sleepless nights these quotes get me motivated to get to the gym and stay in shape for my March races.


What inspiration are you finding on the internet these days that has your creative, cooking, stylist, mommy or whatever side itching to get doing?


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