Confession Tuesday {1.3.12}


January 3, 2012 by Gina

I don’t always tell the truth.  I’m not talking about major lies here but I do tell those “little white lies”.  I mostly tell them to my husband about things that aren’t that important or that I don’t think he really cares about.  For example, I’ll go shopping and not always tell him exactly how much something cost.  If I spent $27, I might say that I spent $20.  I just went shopping last night at a real, live store (a luxury I hardly experience anymore).  I wanted to buy myself some new pajamas with the money my in-laws gave me for Christmas.  Thank you Mardi and Larry – I love my new pajamas!   I discovered a new store called Soma Intimates – they have really nice pajamas, bras, panties and all that stuff.  Plus, they are having a terrific sale right now – check it out!

Anyway…back to the confession.  So, when I got home I told Brian that I bought new pajamas and spent my Christmas money from his parents.  He said “That’s $100!” and I said, “Yes and I got exactly what I wanted”.  He thinks I spent $100 and I did.  I spent $100 of my Christmas money and another $17 on top of that.  I just omitted that last little bit of information which to me is one of those “little white lies”.  I don’t know why I do this – I actually do it quite frequently when it comes to shopping.  Brian really wouldn’t care one bit if I told him I spent $117 yesterday instead of the $100 he thinks I spent.  It just flies out of my mouth and then I don’t feel like correcting myself.

Really…why do I do this?  I feel like it’s important to tell the truth and to teach my sons to tell the truth.  My parents taught me the value of honesty and integrity and I live those values on a daily basis.  But, when it comes to some things, I just find a “little white lie” coming out of me.  Maybe I don’t feel like meeting someone for a playdate because I feel overbooked so I’ll say that I’m already busy.  I’m not really busy, I just don’t want to flat out say no when that would be just fine to say.  As a teenager, if a friend asked me to do something and I didn’t want to do it, I’d blame my parents.  I’d say something like “I really want to but my mom and dad won’t let me” and then I’d tell my parents that I blamed it on them.

Maybe we all do this and it’s probably harmless.  Maybe I’m just rationalizing my behavior to make myself feel better about it.  Guess I won’t be doing much of it now – you all know about it!  Thanks for keep me more honest.

3 thoughts on “Confession Tuesday {1.3.12}

  1. Bonnie says:

    Gina, not telling your husband how you spent has been going on forever. I remember going to Target with Carin and on the way home, telling her “Don’t tell your dad what we bought.”. You will probably do the same as the boys get older. I handled the money and I knew what we could afford but he didn’t understand “shopping”. You know what you can afford and when you have the money and see something, you buy it. I do that now, 30+ years later. Spending an extra $17 is nothing compared to what you could’ve spent. Your in-laws just pampered you a little this year and you bought the cherry on top. Bonnie

  2. Erica says:

    I dunno. I think it’s ok. My mom taught me the value of “fudging” the numbers when it came to telling dad how much we spend on things. I can clearly remember being told to “just go put my new clothes upstairs, and don’t really tell your dad about it.” I do the same things now. Everything I got was “on sale” or “not that much” or I just don’t mention it. IT’s the way of the world. Women generally spend more, control the money and know what we can handle and afford.

    Looks like Carin grew up the same way. 😉

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