Organizing Frenzy


January 4, 2012 by Gina

Finn with our new toy organizer in the living room.

If I could be anything or do anything, it would probably be a professional organizer.  I love things to be all dress-right-dress, lined up, everything has a place and everything in its place and organized.  Bottom line, I don’t like clutter.  So this last week I’ve been on a clutter busting mission.  People who know me are probably thinking, “What clutter did she have to bust?  I’ve been to her house – there isn’t any clutter.”  But there is!  The clutter lurking in the corners and the drawers and stuffed way back in the closets.  I’m not sure how it gets there but it just happens over time (and possibly asexual reproduction – that’s really the only logical explanation).

Finn putting his toys away - anyone can organize!

So far, I’ve reorganized the toys upstairs in the living room, the spice cupboard, the gluten free/baking shelf, the tupperware shelf and the toys downstairs in the playroom.  I even quickly organized my pajama drawer after Tuesday’s pajama buying shopping spree.  The donate pile in the garage has grown from all the “stuff” I’ve found to get rid of.  I wish I would have taken “before” and “after” pictures but I didn’t think about it so you’ll have to settle for a few “after” shots.  Next up, the office/extra bedroom where bills and other paperwork tends to accumulate on the desk.  If only it would magically file itself!  Then, Getty’s closet which is overflowing with gifts and cards that still need to be put away from his birth and baptism.

A few months ago, I reorganized my sock and underwear drawers and felt a complete sense of accomplishment after just a few minutes work.  Something so simple can make me so happy.  Why was I hanging on to those holey socks anyway?

Newly organized spice/pantry area

It really doesn’t take much time to clean out a space.  Just break it down into small, workable sections – one drawer or closet section at a time.  A few minutes, hours or days later you’ll have a completely clean, organized and functional space!

Tupperware and baking cupboard

You do what you know and it will probably come as no surprise to hear that I grew up in a highly organized home.  My mom labeled all our toy tubs so we knew where to put our animals, barbies and cars.  We had to pick up our toys, books and rooms daily and I already make Finn do the same thing.  He knows he has to put his things away before moving onto the next activity or task of the day.

My brain just works better when my physical space is organized.  There alot of benefits to an organized home – more time and money, less stress, good role modeling and of course, a clean home!  Okay – better go grab my labeler and label something.  Happy organizing and here’s to a more organized year!

5 thoughts on “Organizing Frenzy

  1. Sarah Dass says:

    If you are looking for a challenge feel free to tackle my house 😉

  2. Erica says:

    Your GF storage looks nice! The bins are cute and I can tell how much more organized it is than before (although it was just fine before for the record).

  3. Sarai says:

    Maybe I should hire you to organize our house. 🙂

  4. Gina says:

    I’m more than happy to hire myself out to organize your houses ladies! Erica – my neighbor gave me those bins for Christmas! She knows me too well. I love them and they are perfect for my GF flours.

  5. Katie Krause says:

    I am on an organizing kick too! Nice to see I am not the only one! Saw a store out by Knollwood mall called the “Container Store”. Have you seen this? I thought I had died and went to heaven! While everything is over priced and I could never shop there, I got alot of good ideas! I don’ think I will ever be as good as you though Gina!

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