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January 5, 2012 by Carin

 Last week my husband and I took the plunge and no, not that plunge, we did that a long time ago..haha!  We took the time and booked ourselves a child free, all inclusive, 4 night trip to the Bahamas, ahhh I can’t wait.  We were looking around trying to find a trip somewhere that was tropical and affordable.  Well, we found a lot of places to go that we could afford, so it was narrowing it down.  We really wanted a place that was quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of activity, all inclusive, preferable kid free and somewhere where we wouldn’t feel the need to go, go, and go.  After much looking we stumbled upon Sandals Emerald Bay, Great Exuma, Bahamas.  They have been running a 65% off  deal and when we booked they were also including a $250 airfare credit.  We considered it a really good deal for being all inclusive, white sand, blue water and quiet!  To say the least, we are really excited.

Blue water, white sand...relaxing!

Thanks to several family members, Grace and Myles will be well taken care of and probably have a ton of fun.  It will give them a chance to spend some quality time with family and will give us a much needed break from the everyday privilege of being their parents.   We have a great time with them, but we really believe that for a happy and healthy household, parents need a break from their kids.  Also, parents need time together without the distraction of kids to reconnect, talk and refocus.  Being a parent is a privilege indeed, but nothing says that parents can’t take a short vacation from being parents. 

 We also think that for our marriage to stay strong, we need time away together without the kids. Our lives revolve around kids and most days all conversations eventually lead back to the kids, what they are up to, doing, saying and how they are acting out.  We are constantly talking about how we are going to be consistent with our discipline with Grace or how Myles slept and what new thing we has learned to do.  Rarely do we have time to talk about us, how our relationship is, (a check in per say) or what our goals are for the year, month or week.  We enjoy each others company so much that we love to travel to together and always have.  What better way to celebrate our marriage and family then taking some “us” time on a vacation.  A strong marriage and relationship is important for a solid foundation for our family.  Children need to know that their parents value their marriage enough that they would take a vacation alone to keep it strong. 

 Yes, we will miss them and being without them will feel weird, but there will be a lot of family vacations in our future that will be just as fun, just not as relaxing!  But, we just need to remind ourselves that they will get a break from us and I bet will have a lot of fun with family.  Grace will get to “break” the rules and be spoiled.  Myles will probably continue with the status quo, but at 8 months, he doesn’t have many rules to break but he will get a lot of special grandma and auntie attention. 

If you have the chance, even if it is just a night, go away alone with your spouse.  A room downtown or a weekend away will rejuvenate your marriage and yourself.  Every parent needs a break from the everyday to just relax, talk and if need be SLEEP!  So, if you a have the chance to send the kids away to grandma and grandpas house for a night, do it. Even a night at home alone can lead to a lot of great things with your spouse wink, wink!  Be alone together and embrace the quiet, it really is good for you!

Do you have an adults only trip planned this winter?  Where are you going?  We would love to hear about it because we are alway on the look for new vacation hot spots!

White sand and pretty toes!

White sand and pretty toes!

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