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January 12, 2012 by Carin

Tonight was a good night.  I had dinner with a friend who I hadn’t seen in six months.  It was a fun rarity for me to put on some make up, pick out an outfit that consisted of non-mom clothes and pull out of the drive-way without two kids in the back seat.  I met my friend JP for dinner at 128 Cafe inSt. Paul for a nice meal, a glass of wine and adult conversation.  We had a lot to catch up on.  JP has been through a lot this last year, God bless her she can still laugh and the last six have been her time re-building herself, so it was so much fun to listen to her tell me about all the things she has been up too.  She told me about her switch in jobs, her plan toclimbMt. Kilimanjaro inAfrica, decorating her house, her new tattoo and how she might participate in a triathlon this summer.  She has been up to a lot and it was fun to hear about all of it and maybe even made me a bit envious of her drive to live life so fully, but a drive that suits her to a “T”.  JP also reminded me how much fun and how important it is to keep reaching out to friends even when it has been months or sometimes years since you last talked.  Good friends are always important to keep in touch with.  You don’t need to talk every day or week to still be friends, but just need an interest in their lives to make it count. 

 Being a parent of young ones or any kids for that matter, sometimes makes it hard to keep up with people not living under your roof. You get so caught up with their needs, the house, the errands, the grocery shopping, laundry and the hundred other things that need to get done every week/month.  But maintaining friendships is important for any parent’s mental and social health.  Hearing about other peoples lives, what they are up to and doing, can help you realize that your life is great, or needs something or give inspiration to do this or that to fulfill a dream or desire, basically give some perspective.  Or maybe just having someone new to listen to what is happening in your life that you are really excited about, or that great story you have been dying to tell again.  Friends fulfill many facets of our lives and every once in awhile they need to be fed. 

So, if it has been awhile since you last spoke to a dear friend and you have a lot to tell them but feel you don’t have the time, clear the calendar and plan a date.  You don’t have to go out to dinner, you could go for a walk, meet at a coffee shop, plan a phone date after the kids go to bed or set up a Skype  convo.  Whatever you need to fulfill that friend need in your life, make it happen.  Your kids are important, but so are your friendships and friends won’t let a few months of silence get in the way of a good chat. 


Have you reached out to a friend lately?

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