Gratitude on My Mind {1.20.2012}


January 20, 2012 by Melissa

Lucy at 17 months

When I was pregnant with my first I had many people tell me to write as many memories down as the kids grew up-they said it’s so easy to forget amazing things so I started keeping a gratitude journal about my family.  I’ve been neglecting it lately but as the new year started and my baby is racing through these first months I’ve been making more of an effort to write something each week.  I looked back at earlier entries and I am so glad I have this record of seemingly insignificant things.  Here’s a look at one month’s entries when Lucy was about 17 months old-shortly before I became pregnant with Alice:


Lucy sounding out thank you “dak you” over and over again.

Her whispering softly in my ear, then kissing me goodnight.


Lucy “reading” to herself in the backseat.

Her first question was “Doh go?”…where’d it go?

Dancing to the Grease soundtrack.


Lucy coming to give me kisses when I kneel down to her level.

Asking her if she wants lunch and watching her pick out a bib and bring it to me.


Watching Lucy methodically figure out the right lids for her bowls.

Playing outside in the leaves and sunshine, watching Lucy be overjoyed at all the bird sounds.

Teaching her what to do when her food is hot.

My husband coming home early.


Lucy saying “woof” when she sees a dog.

Laughing laughing laughing

Teaching her what animals say.


Hearing Lucy say “rain” in her sweet excited voice.

Her pointing out my facial features and naming them correctly.


Now these are moments I wouldn’t be able to remember otherwise.  How fantastic that I have a few simple but meaningful memories to share with the girls.  I’m so grateful that all those people told me to do this.  I’ve never been one for a full journal entry each day-the pressure is too momentous-but a few things a week that I’m grateful for?  That’s, thankfully, too easy.

One thought on “Gratitude on My Mind {1.20.2012}

  1. June Schubert says:

    This made me smile and remember some of my kids early years. David was an early talker and kind of understood language even before he talked in real English. At 11 months “ba” meant tree consistently. Then later “boofly” for “butterfly”. And he always loved books. Before he could walk (less than 12 months), he would crawl to us with a book that he wanted us to read and he would sit still for the reading. Yay! A bookworm, literally! Karin came to us with THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EYES! And when she started talking she had this odd, but endearing husky voice. And in spite of her mama, she was a girl’s girl. (I envision a time when she is getting married and going for the mani-pedi and I’ll come along to be with her and watch, but not for me!)
    Forgive the rambling, but remembering is fun. And you’ll have a great time re-reading your journal. I love when I come across stuff today and it takes me back.

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