Roller Derby Mom?


January 30, 2012 by Melissa

Roller skating girls

It’s been awhile since I’ve been rollerskating. Although I do remember fondly the nights at the local roller rink with my friends-the disco ball, the strobe light, the jeans with the safety pins and ankle zippers, the Bananarama and Foreigner-I just haven’t had the opportunity in the last two decades. But last weekend my niece Audrey turned 3 and she wanted a roller skating party, bless her. So we went down to the Mall of America Field, formerly the Metrodome, where you can rollerskate/rollerblade on the weekends (who knew?) to celebrate her birthday, and where I could re-live some skating days and give my Lucy a first lesson in skating. She did a great job in her sassy Tinkerbell rollerskates-she tried hard and didn’t get frustrated, which is half the battle with a two year old, isn’t it? Next time, however, I’ll have to let her fall down a bit.

A good time was had by all-even my parents got some rollerskating in for the first time in their lives. Now I come from a family of ice skaters/hockey players. I was in skates about the time I could walk and was a figure skater until I saw girls playing hockey and decided that was what I needed to do. My parents said “OK”, putting me on the first girls hockey team in the town of Fergus Falls, MN. I’m not gonna lie, I was a good hockey player and I loved it. I even got to try out for the first Olympic women’s team. While rollerskating isn’t nearly the same thing, it does bring your body’s memories back to that glory of skating hard and fast. I think it’s a similar feeling to when Carin runs-it makes you feel alive and confident and strong.

It is making me think of the grand sport of roller derby. I think I’d love that and I think I’d fit right in…in fact the more people I talk to about it, the more sure I become. Everyone gets this look in their eyes that’s as if some big puzzle piece is falling into place. My sister-in-law Nicole said “Yes. Yes.” even before I was finished asking her if I should do it. Everyone but my husband, Chris. He’s rightfully concerned about the possibility of me getting injured. So I’ll wait until the girls are a little older before looking more into it. In the meantime we’ll have to come up with a fantastic roller derby name for myself…suggestions welcome, I think.

One thought on “Roller Derby Mom?

  1. Sarah Dass says:

    Do it!!! I love Derby! My friend plays out in Chicago and I would love someone to watch here! It would be awesome and such a fun thing for you!!!!!

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