Crafty…Who, Me?


February 6, 2012 by Melissa

I’ll let you in on a secret: I’m not a crafty person in the typical sense of the term. I don’t have a part of my house devoted to crafts or scrapbooking or whatnot. I don’t find myself at a Michael’s store more than a few times a year. However, I can be creative when I want to be or when I’m motivated to be and my girls are that motivation. I find myself trying really hard to learn meaningful and personalized crafts so that I can teach them and have physical memories to share with them and our friends and family. We now have a curtain rod/art hanger thingy on the wall up the stairs to our bedroom that we can hang our girls’ art works on (thanks to Carin for the idea-an Ikea wire curtain hanger with clips…genius). We also have a big piece of canvas on our living room wall covered in Lucy’s crayon etchings-she loved doing it and is so proud to have her artwork in such a prominent place in our home.

Art wall

Crayon masterpiece

Well, here comes Valentine’s Day and this weekend I was inspired by another mom blogger who lives on St. Croix island-the barefoot mom. Now my husband and I don’t normally celebrate V-day. I’ve never found it particularly romantic that my husband would feel forced to express his love for me by buying the perfect card and gift. We celebrate other days that are more meaningful to us: our wedding anniversary, our birthdays, the anniversary of our first kiss. But I love sharing the idea of that day with my girls-expressing my love for them and our love for our families. They can make their own decision about the holiday when they’re adults. I’ll do my best to make it lovely until then. So I found myself crafting and loving it yesterday. I cut out the letters L, O,V, and E out of cardboard, painted the letters a burgundy red (leftover from painting our front door and mailbox) and took pictures of the girls with the letters so we can send some cute photos to the girls’ grandparents and greatgrandparents.

I have a whole new respect for people who specialize in children’s photography. Wow. I took 25-30 pictures and in only a few were both girls looking at the camera and had their eyes open. By the end my two year old looked as if she were about to throw something at me but I got a few good ones that I’ll be mailing out this week.

Who knew I’d get this sentimental? What a sap…

One thought on “Crafty…Who, Me?

  1. […] we make valentines, we take cute pictures in hues of purple, pink, and red to send to loved ones (see last year’s entry), you name it. This year I’m even caving and buying my girls a heart shaped box of chocolates […]

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