Confession Tuesday {2.07.12}

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February 7, 2012 by Carin

I pee my pants.  There I said it.  This isn’t a problem I have always had.  It just came about after the birth of Grace, my first child.  Grace’s birth wasn’t typical.  She finally arrived after a few attempts with a vacuum and then eventually an episotomy and forceps.  I don’t doubt that the issues I have are probably more due to the vacuum and forceps then the birth itself.  Though I have heard of people have bladder issues from normal childbirth.  Who knows? 

 I find that not many women talk about this issue after child birth.  I know I did not expect it and was really freaked out about it until I did some research on the internet and found that I  my issues weren’t atypical of a vaginal birth.  But what a surprise when I discovered that my bladder functions aren’t always under my control.  This isn’t to mean that I don’t have any bladder function, I do.  I don’t just pee my pants whenever or wherever.  That would make things very interesting to say the least. 

 But I have very little control when I go out for a run, jump or any type of activity that requires jarring movements.  So I have learned to little to myself to no liquids an hour or more before I know I am headed out for a run or going to be working out.  This helps to prevent leakage, but doesn’t always prevent it completely.  So I just get over it and realize it is better to be active then hide embarrassment.  I notice the urine smell, probably because I am hypersensitive to it, but what is a girl to do.  I do use panty liners sometimes, and it helps.  Some women do use bladder control pads and I could use them, but then I guess that would mean really admitting a problem I can’t always control!

 Another time when this issue is a pain, during cold season, like right now.  Any and every hard cough elicits a little leak and what pure joy that is.  Not much you can do to contain that.  So I suck it up and deal. 

 So, all you mamas out there that are having these same issues know that you are not alone and that you don’t have to hide.  Talk with your girlfriends how have kids and you will probably find out that they to are having some of the same peeing when I cough, sneeze, jump, ect issues.  Why hide from it when you can laugh about it. 

 For those of you who would like some more info:

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