Mommy Brain, Schmommy Brain-A Rant

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February 9, 2012 by Melissa

Mommy Brain doesn’t exist. I’ve decided that. The other day I was having trouble coming up with the right word for something when I was talking to my husband and I chalked it up to having the so-called “mommy brain.” But then I got angry at myself for thinking that and at the term in particular because it implies that we’re, as moms, deficient in our mental capabilities. I beg to differ. We have a whole hell of a lot more to think about and remember in any given moment of the day than we did before: what time I fed the baby last, did Lucy have a poopy diaper today?, what has Lucy eaten today?, does she need a ton of fruits and veggies for lunch?, what time to I have to give Alice her Nystatin (dealing with thrush in our house)? do I have all 4 of her pacifiers to sanitize? I need to be sure to mail my dad’s birthday card today so he gets it in time, need to get the humidifier cleaned and sanitized this morning before afternoon naps, need to get the big pack of toilet paper out of the car today (didn’t have enough arms yesterday) before we run out of it in the house, did I get another garbage bag in Lucy’s diaper champ?, did that stain come out of Lucy’s coat so we can get some outside time in this morning? I need to get her sheets cleaned before naps, and on and on and on.  This is a running inner monologue for me on any given day so I’m sorry for not coming up with the word I needed. I’ll get there eventually. I just have to brush off the cobwebs of motherhood first. I’m actually quite impressed with all that I remember and think about. While it’s not always a well oiled machine, it gets the job done where it counts. I refuse to beat myself up about it.


BTW, Carin is on vacation with her husband in the Bahamas but she’ll be back next week as usual-enjoy the sun, Carin!!

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