Spring Cleaning-Baby Style

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February 10, 2012 by Melissa

As spring is approaching and our baby girl is growing out of some of the stuff we’ve been holding onto for a while, I’ve got mad organizing/get-rid-of-stuff compulsions going on here. But what to do with it all? We have quite a few friends having their first baby so they’ll get whatever they want or need but some of the stuff should go elsewhere. Like the carseats-I’ve been wondering what to do with those for a while but I recently discovered that you can recycle those in the Twin Cities area for $10. We’re taking ours to the Carver County Environmental Center in Chaska, Minnesota. They take each seat carefully apart and recycle each element separately. Brilliant.

Some of the abundant stuffed animals and toys we have are going to one of several places: a shelter for women and children, the Goodwill, a Ronald McDonald house, or a church daycare. Same for all the glass bottles, swings, bouncy chairs, slings, diaper bags, blankets and Boppy pillows we have when we’re done with those. Just be sure they want or need the items otherwise they have to pay to get rid of it and please make sure it’s all clean.

The diapers we’ve grown out of are going to a great local charity that collects diapers and gives them to families in need-diapers are not covered by government assistance and are expensive as hell.

Some stuff we’ll inevitably end up selling at a local Once Upon A Child-it is nice to get money or credit to spend on…more stuff. Strollers, Moses basket, booster chairs, etc. whatever is left after our friends pick through it all. Thank goodness for pregnant friends…

Why does such a little thing need so many huge things?

We had to remove a chair to make room for this thing..

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