Thanks Mom and Dad!


February 22, 2012 by Gina

Grandpa Tom and Grandma Cheryle with all their grandkids at "Thanksmas" 2011

My parents came for a visit last week for three days.  Brian was in Illinois for the Army’s Best Warrior Competition and my mom and dad hadn’t seen Finn and Getty for several weeks.  It’s always fun (and a bit crazy) when my parents come to visit.  Finn just loves having “Grandma Cheryl” and “Grandpa Tom” at “mine house”!  As far as he’s concerned, they are his little playmates.

My parents are in their late 60s and I’m in my late 30s, but they are still my parents and I’m still their little girl.  My mom feels the need to cook and clean while she’s here despite my house being clean and organized.  My dad goes to the grocery store daily and vacuums the entire house every time before he heads back home.  My mom gets lots of baby time and will sit in the rocking chair with Getty while he sleeps just so he gets a good nap in.  Dad gladly puts Finn down for quiet time so he’ll get his own nap and it usually means Finn will actually sleep too.  They go on “bear hunts”, sing songs and learn all kinds of new things together.  It really is a joy to see your children with their grandparents.

I wish you could all meet my parents – they really are the best parents in the world.  They have been there for me through good and bad.  They are always there for me and would drop anything to help my family or my brother and his family if we needed it.  For example, when Brian deployed to Afghanistan for a year and Finn was only 4 months old, they were at my house about every other week to give me a break and babysit while I worked on weekends.  They actually said they would move in with me or take turns so I wouldn’t be alone while Brian was gone.  I said no to that offer – I love them but I don’t want them to give up their entire life for a year.  They already raised me and it was time for me to raise my son, whether or not my husband was here or deployed.

I have always appreciated all the emotional support and love my parents have given me through the years – as a child growing up and as an adult.  Until I had my own children, however, I don’t think I truly realized, understood or appreciated the depth of their love and support.  So thanks Mom and Dad!  I hope Brian and I are as supportive and loving to our kids as you were and are.

2 thoughts on “Thanks Mom and Dad!

  1. NIcole (Gillen) Backaus says:

    You do have great parents, Gina! They’ll be with my parents this weekend for their annual get together, love that they still do that!

  2. Gina says:

    I know Nicole! I love that they still get together and what great memories I have of all of us kids getting together to “vacation” in Watertown, SD or some other small town! You have awesome parents too – hope they have fun together. Thanks for reading the blog.

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