A Few Hours of My Funny Life


February 27, 2012 by Melissa

Here’s a look at my glamorous life as a stay-at-home mom. Mind you I picked a day we didn’t have a playdate or errands to run so that it would be “simplified.”

I get asked a lot what I do in a day and I wonder myself where the time goes. Why can’t I get it all done? Here it is, part of a day with two young kids:

Up at 4:30am this morning-youngest has decided as of late that this is the greatest hour in any day to be alive. She laughs and coos and is enamored with me, damn it.

Chris and Lucy up at 6am (Lucy’s always up at 6-an improvement over her usual 5am wake up when we switched her to 8-6am at daylight savings time rather than 7-5am). We both shower, get Alice down for her first nap, have breakfast and watch the news before Chris leaves for work at 7:30am.

7:30am-do dishes, get Alice dressed; wait for Lucy to poop before changing her diaper and getting her dressed.

7:40am-Lucy plays with her Little People barn, a sure indicator of her pooping.

7:45am-change Lucy and have her pick out her clothes for the day-surprise, surprise it’s a tutu and t-shirt

my sweet girls

8:00am-turn on PBS (Curious George and Cat in the Hat) for an hour of tv for Lucy so I can get a few things done uninterrupted: check emails, try calling the pediatrician’s office but am on hold too long, clean out my purse, comb my hair, and figure out what we’re having for dinner tonight so I can start defrosting & mentally planning it out

8:30am-feed Alice, check Facebook on my smartphone

8:40am-put medicine on my cracked and bleeding nipples (horrible case of thrush)

8:45am-put Alice in her activity station so I can poop and get dressed

9:00am-Lucy asks for a snack of yogurt with smashed berries

9:02am-called pediatrician’s office again, intermittent conversation with a nurse about Lucy’s cough as I scramble to find Alice’s pacifier that fell under the tv stand; am able to see doctor later today

9:05-9:20am-sorting laundry, try to get Lucy to eat requested yogurt

9:20am-reassuring Lucy that there aren’t big chunks of fruit in her yogurt

9:22am-started a load of laundry, including Alice’s best swaddling blanket that she had a blowout on this morning…

9:25am-realized my one cup of coffee was cold again-microwaved for a third time

9:27am-regretted showing Lucy the cribbage board and pegs as it’s causing many frustration meltdowns and whining

9:45am-change direction and read books to Lucy

9:55-10:02am-sweep and mop kitchen floor while Lucy plays with stickers (I’m not asking where she’s putting the stickers)

10:02-10:12am-rock Alice to sleep while reading a book to Lucy (she turned pages)

10:14am-Alice screaming as she got her arm out of her swaddle

10:15am-start rocking Alice again; Lucy starts opening drawers and taking out toys and my pleas for her to not play with the loud potty-chair Elmo doll fall on deaf ears so it takes Alice a while to settle back to sleep

"Lucy, what did I just say?"

10:22am-Lucy puts herself in timeout as she spills her basket of blocks; I should go after her but I just want Alice to take a damn nap

10:35am-put Alice back down, go to Lucy and she asks for a hug; she sits on my lap for a while and snuggles and I gladly let her despite the horrible mess in the living room

10:45am-fold laundry left in dryer last night; inadvertently scare the crap out of Lucy by asking if her dolls ate the pasta that she left out last night (she’s wondering where her food went)

10:50am-Lucy plays music on my iphone and I declutter the front of the fridge

11:05am-Alice up, put her in her Johnny-jump-up; change Lucy’s wet and dragging diaper (when the hell is she gonna want to use her potty chair?)

11:10am-fold more laundry; set up a pretend balance beam for Lucy out of my resistance band-she’s not very impressed with me or it

11:15am-change Alice’s diaper and all her clothes as she has another blowout

11:25am-feed Alice again; help Lucy put a puzzle together next to me on the couch

11:40am-more nipple cream; gather all pacifiers for sanitation

11:45am-start lunch for Lucy-she requests pasta with tomato sauce, applesauce and milk; I agree that’s a good and doable lunch; balance checkbook

11:50am-fold another load of laundry-sing Twinkle Twinkle 10 times in a row followed by Blue Feet from the Cat in the Hat 12 or 13 times

11:55am-sit Lucy down for lunch

12:08pm-spill entire bowl of leftover pasta on newly cleaned floor-decide to leave it there, I’m too mad


12:10pm-while Lucy drinks her milk, I get Alice ready for a quick walk around the block; her leggings are too cute

12:24pm-finally get everyone out the door

12:43pm-get back with several sticks and a pine cone we gathered on our adventure

12:45pm-spill bottle of bubbles Lucy left on floor; Lucy cries

12:46pm-change Alice’s and Lucy’s diapers

12:47pm-spill bubbles again; Lucy cries again

12:48pm-tell Lucy to finish her milk; tone of irritation in my voice can’t be camouflaged

12:55pm-nap time for Lucy; I take Alice downstairs to rock her to sleep while I watch an episode of Chopped

1:20pm-lay Alice down, clean up pasta mess in kitchen

This is what I had the energy to keep track of that day. I did 4 more loads of laundry, played fairies with Lucy, let her paint while I made dinner, then took her and her sister out to the doctor’s office, reassuring her the whole way that she wouldn’t get a shot and she wouldn’t have to lay on the cot/bed in the room. Doctor said she may have bronchitis so put her on an antibiotic which Target pharmacy doesn’t have ready when they say they’ll have it ready-have to go back tomorrow to get it. Great, can I go on an unneeded errand with two kids in the middle of winter, please?

At the end of each day, I’ve learned to call it a success if we explored a little, learned a little, snuggled a lot. Today was a success.

One thought on “A Few Hours of My Funny Life

  1. Kristin Lamberty says:

    They have these great bubble tumblers that don’t spill. (Well, if you shake them upside down, some will come out, but not just from tipping.) That might cut down on the spillage and frustration for that one activity. Sounds like a busy day!

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