Potty Training

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March 5, 2012 by Melissa

Oh, potty training. Are there phrases in parenting that cause more trepidation, angst, or frustration? Not many, anyway. However, we are well on our way through it and I must say that after the first 6 or 7 hours, it went fairly smoothly. Lucy, the first day, was as mad at me as I’ve ever seen her. And unlike other times where she’s been upset with me, I couldn’t console her. She didn’t want a hug, or to sit on my lap. She wanted her diaper, to be dry and I was preventing that. Then she figured out that she could tell me she needed to use the potty (after 100 times of me saying, “Tell Mama when you need to use the potty, ok?”) and I would get her on the seat in time for her to start going. It clicked for her. All my cheering and sticker giving probably didn’t hurt. And she LOVES her Thomas the Train underwear…

Then the trauma of getting up off the potty chair began. I’ve never heard of this happening so it threw me for a loop when Lucy went into all out shaky-crying so hard she almost threw up-afraid meltdown at having to stand up. I still don’t know what it was really about. Did she not want to see what she’d done? Did she think she did it wrong? Did she not know what to expect after standing up? I still don’t know but by the end of the day, she told me she had to go potty, she went poop and potty in the chair and stood up afterwards with no tears. In fact, she was smiling and very proud of herself.

The few tweaks I had to make to the 3 day routine were: I let her wear diapers when she sleeps-we don’t have many sheet sets for her odd size bed, she takes 3 hour naps, and she doesn’t get out of her bed unless we invite her to, and I let her sit on the potty as long as she wants to-if she has told me that she needs to use the potty, I get her in there and there have been a few times where it took a while. She’s fine sitting in there by herself so I let her. The 3 day system that I read about was adamant about no diapers and not letting them sit for more than a few minutes without doing anything. Whatever, we’re doing fine.

I realized halfway through the weekend, however, that I needed to redefine success in my head for this whole endeavor as I so often have to do in this parenting adventure. She had two accidents Sunday morning but she was playing with her cousin and it’s hard to break away from that when you have to go to the bathroom. Our success lies in the fact that she understands our expectations of her and she knows what to expect where the bathroom is concerned. That’s huge for a two year old. She’s done a great job so far and I’m so proud of her. We have yet to try a public restroom or go on a longer car trip or errand running but whatever happens, will happen, and we’ll deal with it. That’s a huge realization for me.

Now we’re moving on to getting Alice to sleep in her crib rather than her rock-n-sleep…


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