Confession Tuesday {3.13.2012}


March 13, 2012 by Melissa

Today we have a guest confession from my amazing mom, Barb. My mom waited to tell me this story until I was a mom and it cracked me up-too funny and all too familiar as I woke up the other day not remembering how I put Alice back to bed but she was safely in her crib, asleep…:

“When I was a young mom, the few weeks leading up to Melissa’s birth were very hot days. I didn’t get much rest, very uncomfortable, back pain, you all get the picture.  We brought our beautiful, healthy daughter home and started the business of being a family.  She was a good baby but I had trouble breast-feeding and she seemed to be eating every hour or so.  One night I heard her crying, got up and was rocking her in my arms on the bed. I couldn’t get her to stop crying, went to rearrange her in my arms and discovered that I was soothing my pillow.

I was dreaming that I had gotten up…yikes, no wonder she was still crying.  I didn’t admit that story until Melissa had Lucy, who could believe anyone could be that tired except a new mom? I’m glad there were no lasting effects! Except a giggle or two!”



One thought on “Confession Tuesday {3.13.2012}

  1. Love it! Even dads can get that tired. . . My husband would always get up and fetch the crying baby and bring it to me to be nursed. When my oldest was 4 months or so, he started waking up in the night again and my husband was so out of it that he picked him up around the hips instead of the armpits. Next thing I knew, my husband is holding this baby upside down next to my bed and saying groggily, “I picked him up wrong!” It surprised the baby so much he quit crying!

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