Confession Tuesday {3.20.12}

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March 20, 2012 by Carin

I knew the time was coming.  I wasn’t looking forward to it, almost dreading it.  Potty training ranks right up there with things I least want to do in life.  I dread the accidents on the carpet, the drama and the time it takes.  We tried potty training Grace last summer and there were so many accidents in a short morning span that we gave her the option to put diapers back after nap time, which she jumped at and we were relieved.  We weren’t ready for the confusion that our toddler was experiencing and how do you explain to a little one how to pee in the potty when they have been peeing conveniently in a diaper for over 2 years.  It was frustrating for all parties involved.  We were happy to give up. 

 So last week when Lucy and Finn came over for a play date with underwear on, Grace wanted to be just like her friends.  She ran upstairs grabbed a pair of underwear and tore off her diaper.  She was now like her friends with the exception of actually peeing on the potty.  She wore those things for 3 hours before she had an accident, right before dinner in the middle of the kitchen floor while bending over and watching the pee run out of her declaring “I am peeing!.”  Awesome. 

 Friday rolls around and it is beautiful outside.  I am looking forward to taking the kids for a run, getting the deck furniture out and taking the kids to meet my sister for lunch.  Then out of the blue, “I want to wear panties” while holding a pair of sparkly Nemo underwear in her hands.  Okay, I give in thinking this won’t last long and hoping it doesn’t.  We have things to do today. 

 But deep inside of me I really wanted her to get it and be done diapers.  So I did just what I wasn’t planning on doing and giving up on our plans and told her that we were done with diapers and there is no going back.  An hour or two later this became an issue.  But I dug my heels in and said no.  We were done.  I must confess again, I was not looking forward to doing this and was dreading the day ahead. 

 Luckily, the day was super nice.  We brought the potty outside and enjoyed the beautiful day.  The kids played, the deck furniture made it to the deck and some yard work got done.  All while 5 accidents happened outside.  Some minor freaking out occurred from the Grace and the pleading for diapers.  She could pee outside all day if she wanted, I was just happy there was no peeing on the floor or carpet! 

 By 6 pm that night, we had no successes to mark on our chart.  Then a surprise, Grace looked at me while I was cleaning up after dinner and yelled “I have to go pee” and ran to the bathroom.  And guess what folks, she peed on the potty.  We made a huge, HUGE deal out of it and she was beaming from ear to ear.   And that one success is all it took.  She has been a rock star ever since.  All her business is taken care of on the potty. 

 So, my fear of potty training wasn’t really warranted.  She did it mostly on her own, with a lot of encouragement and praise from us.  Sometimes as parents we just have to give into our fears and let live.  If I would have told her no on Friday, she would still be wearing diapers and I would still be shoveling poop.  But, I let her have her way and wear panties, I just didn’t let her change her mind.  We are now down to one in diapers and if only you could potty train a 10 month old life would be pee and poop free!

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