Family Bucket List


March 26, 2012 by Melissa

I’ve decided recently to create a Family Bucket List. Things we should do with our girls as they grow up. You know, things like the circus, the ocean, Yellowstone, etc. But I’m thinking I want to make it an evolving piece of our family story. One that’s added to, talked about, argued over, debated, and one that evokes lovely memories for my husband and I and our girls. There will be some things for us as a family and some things just for Chris and I. I’m trying to decide if there should be a defined method of idea collecting (scrapbooks, “official lists,” a Pinterest board) or if I should just let it evolve naturally and let that be a story in and of itself-the various scraps of paper, magazine articles, photos. Any ideas, opinions would be greatly appreciated here. I love a good plan…

This started lately as the inevitable thoughts of my own mortality have started in earnest since the birth of my baby, Alice. These two girls are my children and they will be the only children I have so thoughts of legacy and tradition are abundant. What will my girls think of their childhoods? Of me, their mama? Will they be grateful for all that was shown/given/taught them? Will they wish they had done more? I want them to not be afraid or to put off to later what can be experienced now. I’ve done that too much in my life and it’s something I regret. I also want them to have ownership of their place in this family and, consequently, of this world. I want them to really think about what they want to experience and why so it’s not some outing that they’re dragged along to but an experience to engage in and remember. And more than seeing beautiful places, I want them to witness humanity, its beauty and its darkness.

Am I being too idealistic? If so, is that a bad thing?

What should be on our bucket list? What’s on yours?

One thought on “Family Bucket List

  1. Bonnie Scherer says:

    Bucket Lists don’t have to contain fireworks or a hike up a mountain but just a walk around the block to see the new flowers blossoming in the spring or even walking in a gentle rain with umbrellas. The girls will remember the little things you did for them. I’m sure you can’t wait til they are old enough to go to FL and go to Disney World but remember their are alot of fun things to see and do in the Midwest. They are young and they grow up too fast. Just enjoy them and the little “Bucket List”

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