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March 28, 2012 by Gina

Today was a luxurious day…at least to me.  Here’s the definition of luxurious according to Wikipedia’s dictionary:


  1. Extremely comfortable, elegant, or enjoyable, esp. in a way that involves great expense:  “the bedrooms have luxurious marble bathrooms”.
  2. Giving self-indulgent or sensuous pleasure:  “a luxurious wallow in a scented bath”.

My day today fell into both of these definitions; it was extremely comfortable and enjoyable and self-indulgent.  What did I do today?

Getty helping me label my Daisy Blue lotion samples. I don't even know how he got ahold of them!

Well, Brian was home today which always makes things easier – another two hands to help wrangle the kids!  Brian got up with both boys and I stayed in bed – I didn’t necessarily fall back to sleep but I rested and didn’t have to get out of bed.  When I did get out of bed, I had homemade pancakes and tea waiting for me on the table!  Brian also took Finn on a fieldtrip with Finn’s daycare today and helped chaperone the other 22 preschoolers.  They were gone all morning so Getty and I had the morning to ourselves.  Getty took a 90 minute nap so I indulged in watching a “What Not To Wear” episode on tv while finishing up some burp cloths.  I also got some work done for my Daisy Blue business and Getty “helped” organize the sample lotions for me.

When Brian and Finn came home, we all had a nice lunch of sandwiches, chips and apples together.  I read Finn some books and then we took a nap together in the guest bed in Finn’s room.  We were cozy and warm.  Finn actually fell asleep and I rested for about 45 minutes before heading upstairs to take a long, hot shower without ANY interruptions.  That by itself is a luxury!  Getty was asleep too – Brian and I could hardly believe that both boys were napping at the same time!  That never happens!  Then I decided to give myself a mini-pedicure, read some magazines, do laundry and finish up some work for my MOMS Club.  The boys woke up, I made dinner while Brian entertained the kids and we ate a good dinner of “cheesy pie” and a great salad with strawberries and peppers.

Luxurious?  To me it was a luxurious and relaxing day.  I felt comfortable, rested and happy and our day was absent of meltdowns and struggles (without giving in to the demands of an almost 3 year old).  Before having kids this day would have seemed mundane to me, let alone luxurious.  I would have considered a night out at a nice restaurant with wine and friends, maybe a weekend trip somewhere with my girlfriends or a few hours at the spa as part of a luxurious day.  Not anymore!  A few minutes to myself and the day spent with my family without a thought about the past or present is now a luxury.

I got alot of help today - Flint decided my newly handmade burp cloths were a good place to nap. I hope the recipients of these aren't allergic to cats!!

It’s all about perspective and attitude! Today was a perfect day in my mind and I knew it as I experienced it.  I’m not always present in my day to day activities.  I get ahead of myself alot – thinking about what lies ahead.  But today, I was happy to enjoy the day as it unfolded!  Of course, it helped that both boys napped for two hours at the same time!!

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