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March 29, 2012 by Carin

**Updated to include missing captions!**

Happy Thursday!  Only one more day and it is the weekend, woohoo! Sorry this is going to be short today, I was hit with a killer seasonal allergy attack on Tuesday and today (Wednesday night) it is terrible.  Luckily my husband had planned on spending the afternoon at home and then was suppose to attend an event, but stayed home because I am under the weather.  I am waiting for the OTC medicine to kick in, usually takes a few days, so here is to hoping that today is a better day.  So between the cranky, teething 10 month old, the almost 3 year olds running nose and my and my husbands allergies, we are a family who is cruising through tissues. 

 Send good thoughts our way! 

So in lieu of a post today, I thought I would share a few cute pictures of the kiddos from the past month. 

Grace and her "bike" ride to Caribou on Sunday morning! She biked a half mile. I think we might have a tri-athlete on our hands...loves to run, bike and swim!

Myles loves looking out the front windows. On tiptoes he is just tall enough to see people and cars passing by. I am guessing that in a few months he won't be standing on those cute little piggies!

Grace is so proud of her first face drawing complete all by herself.




Mr. Teething is chewing on everything these days, including the foam rug in the play area.

**Updated to include missing captions!**

Have a wonderful Thursday and see you here tomorrow!

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