Letter of Apology…


April 2, 2012 by Melissa

Letter of Apology to any Adult I’m Trying To Have A Conversation With While My Children Are Around:

I really don’t mean to be that rude person with the wandering eyes in the middle of a great conversation that doesn’t include me saying things like “I can’t hear you when you talk in your whiny voice, please use your Lucy voice,” or “Three more bites and then you can be done.” But, all too often, I am that rude person because my kids are with me. My eyes have to leave your face to check for their presence, their safety, and that they’re being polite, or at least not rude. I have to interrupt all too often to stop a bad behavior, console a crying child, or clean up a mess. I’m trying desperately to follow the conversation so I apologize, also, for sometimes not knowing how we arrived at a particular point of discussion with me just nodding and “uh-huh”ing along. It feels so good to not be their playmate for a while and to be an adult for a few minutes and reconnecting with you, but, alas, I’m their mother and can’t let them just run off in this public place, or this house that isn’t ours. I really do want to discuss the books we’re reading, your job, the movies you’re seeing, the restaurants you’ve been to, the trips you’ve taken, I swear. I’m really not wanting to be all about the kids right now because that’s what I do all day every day. So be patient with me, I’ll be back to being a really great and attentive friend/relative someday. I’m also sorry that it sometimes takes me a while to respond to your emails. If it’s any consolation, I’m constantly drafting a reply to you in my head and am eagerly awaiting a few precious minutes alone to craft the perfect response so that you know just how much I care about you…

Many apologies for now and for future conversations cut short,

Melissa, aka Mama

One thought on “Letter of Apology…

  1. Sarah Dass says:

    This is so true!!!! Well said!

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