Family Mission Statement


April 9, 2012 by Melissa

So I’ve been thinking about the idea of a family mission statement. I read about this idea a while before we had Lucy and thought it sounded really smart. It’s something to print on a piece of paper placed in a central location in the house (on the refrigerator or framed on the wall) as a way to focus yourselves on what is fundamentally important to you and your vision for your parenting and, ideally, a way to prioritize your life. As a former manager, mission statements were important in sorting out important versus not as important priorities.  If something doesn’t fit the statement, you can say “No,” or push it down on the list of things to do. This has been in my mind lately as I find myself getting upset over trivial things and I’d like a focus to help me let go of mundane things. Will it be better to clean the bathroom or go to the park? The answer will be more obvious. Of course mission statements are very hard to write as you have to condense a lot of meaning into a few well chosen words so I’m looking for inspiration/help in this endeavor. The list of meaningful words grows by the day: kindness, thoughtfulness, service to community, learning, listening, being open to new people, ideas and actions, etc.

So I could use some help here. Do you have a mission statement or something akin to it in your house? How did you write it? Do you rewrite it? Who had input in it? Do you have advice? I’ll be working on my statement and will post it eventually. If you have ideas for me, please post it!

One thought on “Family Mission Statement

  1. Missy says:

    Ours has been posted on the fridge for nearly four years, but it may need of a refresher. Simple:

    Use kind words and actions. Be willing to help others. Give thanks.

    That’s it. Good reminders for the whole family to be sure.

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