Confession Tuesday {4.24.2012}

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April 24, 2012 by Melissa

This is gonna make a lot of people pissed off, but I’m, pardon the pun, coming clean. I don’t wash my fruits and vegetables all the time. It’s absolutely terrible I know and I’m fully aware of all the crap that is on our food-pesticides, wax, herbicides, manure. Stuff that is bad for us all and can make us sick. Yet I still sometimes just eat the food or, even worse, serve it to my kids. What is wrong with me?

I think that it’s the equivalent of the overweight doctor-they know fully the consequences of their bad actions but they do, or don’t do, them anyways. I’ve bought produce wash to make it easier on myself, I chastise myself each time I feel I don’t have the time to wash something. I feel guilt, outrage, confusion. Yet, still I fail to do it. Do I want it to be like it just came in from my own garden? Or is it just that I really can’t believe that people would put such poison on our food? I don’t know. And how bad would I feel if one of my girls got sick? Heartwrenching to think about.

Now I do wash things a lot of the time but enough of the time, I don’t. Even once in a while is too much in my book, yet here I am. Hopefully now that I’m acknowledging it and putting it out there, it’ll spur me to action. God help me if it doesn’t…

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