Bunnies beware

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April 26, 2012 by Carin

Let us start off by saying we have a wonderful dog.  His name is Carter and he is a beagle terrier mix.  My husband and I adopted him in 2008 from a wonderful animal rescue.  He is 25lbs of sweet and gentle dog.  When the kids get tugging on him, he just walks away and has only growled at them a few times.   But he is very protective of his family and his yard.  When we first got him, he would sit on our deck that overlooks our alley and never bark at anyone or anything.  When I became pregnant with Grace he started to become a more aware of loud trucks and unusual suspects.  When we had Myles, he became hyper vigilant.  We don’t mind too much.  He tends to have good instincts of the people we tend to be wary of who mosy down the alley.   So we let it go and when it gets annoying we call him into the house.  He is a good guard dog for the suspicious, but if he thinks you might be friendly and visiting, he is your best friend and you are there to see him and not us. 

He loves his yard.  We have a small back yard that is his domain.  He knows every inch of our yard and hates intruders, i.e. squirrels and bunnies.   If either comes close he will bark his head off till they are out of sight.  So when its spring and the bunnies inhabit the space under our shed, needless to say Carter spends a fair amount of time circling the shed and scratching the platform the shed lays on.   Bunnies are the bane of Carter’s existence during the spring season and they can be quite an annoyance to a homeowner’s plants.

Wednesday morning was the beginning of bunny season in our neck of the woods (the city).  As Carter lay on our bed, window open, he let out a few low growls.  As my husband s got up for work and tend to one of the kids, Carter immediately ran for the back door and was let out. As I dozed back to sleep, I heard him round the corner of the house to the backyard, let out a bark and then a growl that was soon followed by a high pitched whine that soon ended.  I didn’t think much of it as I soon fell back to sleep.  Later on that day would discover what I heard. 

That morning, the kids and I were in the backyard.  The kids were playing and I was trying my darndest  to rid our yard of dandelions by popping them out by hand.  It is a painstaking job, but also chemical free and safe for the kids.   As I rounded the corner of the house popping the evil yellow buggers, I heard Grace say “Mommy, what is this?  I don’t know what this is.”  I couldn’t see what she was talking about and asked her to bring the item in question to me.  Oh, how I wish I would have just looked around the corner of the house.  She rounded the corner of the house and I looked up to see, to my horror, Grace holding a little furry, gray “thing”.  She was holding a slain bunny.  I immediately screeched “Put it down, put it down, put it down”.  She quickly dropped the object and looked at me quizzically, not knowing what the problem was, she was following directions after all.   I wasn’t bothered that it was a dead bunny, but rather that Grace had picked it up from the garden and brought it to me.   It still makes me shudder. Now, let me tell you, this is not the first time Carter has killed a baby bunny.  Last year he got 5 of them.  But we found them before Grace did and didn’t have to worry about her handling them.    I rushed her inside to wash her hands and I found a plastic shopping bag to discard of the slain animal. 

Luckily Grace didn’t question the dead remains she found and picked up.  I on the other hand can’t believe I didn’t see it and find it before Grace.  I am grateful that Myles didn’t find the bunny.  He most likely would have picked it up and stuck it in his mouth.  Gross!  Carter was oblivious to what was happening and wandered over to inspect what she had dropped and acted as if it was nothing.  An intruder that had been stopped,  now meant nothing.  A true guard dog I guess and moral of the story, come spring, do a quick sweep of the yard for potential slain animals.

My husband finds this story funny and I hope you do to.  Sorry if you are a true animal lover that can’t believe our loving and sweet dog would kill a baby bunny.   I personally am proud of him because you would never know that he has such a protective, mean streak in him.  Now, it would be nice to know if that mean streak would translate into an attack on an intruder of our home.  That would make me even more proud.

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