Maintaining An Environment

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May 7, 2012 by Melissa

That’s what my best friend, Missy, calls it. As in, it’s impossible to maintain a certain environment when you have kids. I spend the better part of any spare moment I have trying to maintain an environment that includes the basics of clean dishes, clean laundry, and a picked up floor. I’m rarely successful at those things much less having a clean floors, a tidy countertop, and don’t get me started on the bathroom. I thought being at home with the kids would make it easier to do these things and sometimes it is. When they nap at the same time…it’s amazing what I can get done. But lately, they haven’t been napping at the same time, my husband has been working crazy long hours and my baby girl has been napping terribly on top of that so the house looks like I don’t exist-my oldest is wearing her last pair of clean underwear, there’s a funky smell in the kitchen, the weeds in my yard have taken over, and there are dishes in the sink from some time last week…not sure.

In my dreams I’m lying around reading a magazine…

Surprisingly I’m taking it rather well…or else I’ve had some sort of mental break. There was a point last week that I might have cursed under my breath and slammed something down on the kitchen table but I can’t really recall. I had a realization later on that same day: my kids are healthy, they are happy, they have good food when they’re hungry, my lap when they need some affection or reassurance, and lots of playtime with me. It IS really hard to let these things go and I do get frustrated but I realize this time won’t last forever. When my teenage girls aren’t speaking to me but I have a clean house, I’ll look back fondly I hope. By the way, my baby girl Alice started crawling yesterday and took her first two bottles in many months, giving me a needed break from breastfeeding. So we have lots to celebrate around here.

I still wouldn’t say no to someone who wanted to come play with my kids for a few hours so I could just get something done…what are you doing today? Or do you have any tips to help me stay on top of some of this mess?

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