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May 10, 2012 by Carin

Have you heard, Mother’s day is Sunday, May 13th?  Being a mama myself, this means I will be celebrating with my mother, mother-in-law and other mothers throughout the weekend.  Being a mother usually means that we have given birth or adopted children, thus we are part of the mom “club”.  But, what about all the women in our lives, the lives of our children and in the lives of children without a natural mother, don’t they deserve to be part of this club as well?  Those women deserve to be celebrated.   Being a mother shouldn’t be defined as having children of their own.  There are plenty of women in the world who mother and love children as if they were their own but aren’t.   

I have one such woman who is a part of my children’s lives and I am forever grateful.  She loves my kids like they are her own.  She shows constant enthusiasm for their every milestone, always returns their smiles with smiles, and has more patience then a saint, and so much more.   I have learned to be a better mother from her, even though she has not been a mother herself.  Every time she visits I learn something new and I am constantly reassured that my parent skills aren’t too out of whack.  When my kids see she has arrived, the house is filled with screams, screeches, jumping and door banging.  This honorary mother brings so much excitement to our house that the kids never want her to go or they want to go home with her.  She is fun times 10, all the time.  I trust her with my kids like no other person.  She gets them and knows how to roll with the punches they throw. 

This woman is my older sister Brenda.  She has always wanted to be a mom and never found “the guy”.  I have known forever that she would be a great mom as she is awesome with kids.  She is a pre-school teacher and is surrounded by kids 5 days a week.  But yet she shows up at our house to see our kids and she does not act burned out or tired out from constant kid stuff from work.  She is the second best mom our kids could have in their lives.  She loves them like they are her own and for that I am forever grateful.  Yes, it is easy for me to say all these nice things about my sister, but really, none of them are made up. 

She deserves to celebrate Mother’s Day just like any other mother.  Just because she isn’t technically a mother, she mothers my kids and those she teaches everyday like they are her own.  She loves, nurtures, and cares for them like the honorary mother she is.  So, This Mother’s Day, I will be thanking her for all she does for our family, the love she shares and the kindness she shows. 

Brenda, I am so thankful you are my big sister.  You have been a great role model to me throughout the years and you are the best auntie my kids could ask for.  You bring so much to their lives and I hope you know how much we love and appreciate you.  Happy Mother’s Day, please know you should be celebrating this day as well because you are the only honorary mother my kids will have, ever.   

If you have someone like this in your life or the lives of your kids, please let them know how important they are this Mother’s Day.  Being a mom is hard work and knowing that we have back-up makes our jobs that much easier.  Celebrate the women in your life who are honorary moms this Mother’s Day because they deserve to be celebrated and they deserve to be part of the mom club.


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