Adventure Friday {6.1.12}

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June 1, 2012 by Carin

This week’s Adventure Friday takes us to the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis, MN which is comprised of cute shops and restaurants and has a small town feeling through and through.  This area is nestled between the south side of Lake Calhoun and the west side of Lake Harriet and has a lot to offer.   Melissa and I with our kids in tow headed to Wild Rumpus  bookstore.   This children’s bookstore isn’t just any bookstore.  They really cater to kids from the kid’s size purple front door to the comfy worn chairs and areas set around the store to encourage kids and adults to pick up a book and read.  They have lots of displays at kid heights to encourage browsing and reading.  The store is packed with kids’ book from newborn to the early teen years, something for everyone. 

What our kids found most fun were the animals that live within the bookstore.  There are several cats, ferrets, chinchillas, birds, reptiles and rats.  They loved looking around to see if they could find the birds that were talking to everyone, the animals sleeping in their cages and the cats meandering around the store nestled in perches above kid eye level.  They even have a secret cage below the floor that you can peer into through some glass placed into the floor. 

The store was filled with kids of all ages having a really good time reading, looking at books and admiring the animals.  The store is a fun escape for all ages and even more so for those that love books.  There is so much to see within the store that spending an hour our more there is not out of the question. So be prepared to spend some time hanging out with your kids and enjoying some books and an animal or two.

***Sorry about the sideways pictures, WordPress turned them and their editing software is not working to turn them the correct direction!

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