June 7, 2012 by Carin

Do you have things that your kids say that if you don’t write them down you will forget?  I am doing just that and sharing a few things that Grace, my three year old says that always makes us smile, if not laugh.  I hope you enjoy and please share with us some of the cute and funny things your kids say or use to say that made you smile.

After a day at the zoo, we were eating dinner and talking about what animals and things we saw.  All of a sudden she says

“I saw a mango standing on one leg”

Grace said this three times and both Brian and I were totally confused.  Then it dawned on me that we say FLAMINGOS standing on one leg in the Tropics area of the zoo.  We got a good laugh and taught her to say flamingo. 

My husband took Grace to the park last weekend and while there she proceeded to stand up on one of the swings.  She yelled “Daddy, look at me!” and he said “Do you think that is a good idea?”  Grace responded with “YES!”  A minute later she fell, started to cry.  Brian said to her “What did I just tell you?”  In-between sobs; she responded “It’s not a good idea!”

When Grace is feeling sad or needs some comfort, she will walk up to one of us and say, “I want to be hold”.  We correct her every time but she still wants to be “hold”.

“I want to do it by my own” when she really means “I want to do it by myself” not that any three year old wants to do things themselves!

“Where is him?” when she really means “Where is he?” when looking for Daddy or Myles.

“Daddy, you need to go to work and make money to buy me shoes!”

Grace has discovered her sense of smell and will often yell “I smell something!”  Often times it is funny, except when you are in a public restroom full of people.

 And not to leave Myles out, my sister taught Myles an important phrase.  Myles will now say “Uh-oh” and then laugh will an open mouth and bright eyes.  Very cute to say the least, except when he is dropping his dinner in hopes of attracting the dog over to the table.

2 thoughts on “Grace-isms

  1. Marjorie McClain says:

    Loved your blog! Wish we were closer to experience Grace and Myles in person. Your posts remind me of when Corinne was little and needed to be held she would say “Carry me up!”. When something broke she would take it to Don and say “Fiss this please!” Thanks for bringing back those memories!

  2. Sarah Dass says:

    I love this! they say the funniest things at this age! I have this book called the quotable kid that I got at patina and it is to keep just that and it has a spot to write down when they said it and the age.

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