Summer TV to the rescue

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June 14, 2012 by Carin

Ah summer.  We love you so.  What is hard to let go of when summer arrives is our favorite TV shows that go on hiatus.  My husband and I love settling in a few hours a night to just chill and let the stress, trials and tribulations of the day melt away.  And what better way to do that than watching someone else’s pretend life and drama?  So with all the fall/winter shows on summer break, what is a couple to do?   USA network has come to our rescue the past three summers.

Why watch so much TV?  The past few years and this summer included, we have had a baby or toddler to put to bed and right now we are on 3 year old bed wrangling duty.  So, we are essentially tied to the house after 7pm, as is common with most parents with young kids.  Our TV set up allows us to pause and record our shows so we can pick up where we left off when the 3 year old decides for the third times she needs something or the 1 year old loses his pacifier.  So a few favorite shows on USA allows us to stay perfectly vegged out for our summer evenings or most of them at least.

So here are a few favorites in case you need something new to watch.

Royal Pains – Wednesdays @ 8pm – New York City physician, Hank becomes a concierge doctor to the overly wealthy residents of the Hamptons.

Necessary Roughness – Wednesdays @ 9pm – Recently divorced Dr. Dani becomes a sought after therapist for a pro football team and other high profile personalities.  Some therapy and personal drama mixed in and it makes for some fun viewing.

Suits – Thursdays @ 9pm – Mike, a college dropout with a photographic memory is hired by one of New York City’s best lawyers.  The show is filled with snappy dialogue and fun cases.

White Collar – Tuesdays @ 8pm – Neal, an ex-con artist is released from an early prison sentence under the condition that he works for the FBI and more importantly the agent that caught him.  Neal gets to do what he does best while helping the FBI solve cases.

So those are just a few of our favorites.  USA Network  has many more shows we watch.  The great thing is they tend to have new episodes while the main networks are on break during the summer or winter.  A TV show filler of sorts.  Check them out if you find yourself sitting down to watch TV after the kids go to bed and you are finding nothing but summer repeats.

Do you have a favorite show that you are missing this summer?  What is your favorite?

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