Adventure Friday {6.15.2012}

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June 15, 2012 by Melissa

Aaaahhh…farmers’ markets. Not only can they be great places to stock up on local, seasonal food, but, more and more, they’re a great place for families to enjoy. Minneapolis is home to one of the greatest farmer’s markets. If you haven’t been, get the kids gathered up and go for an adventure. Most of the vendors there are lovely to my girls and it’s a great spot to get some breakfast, or at least some great coffee. They’re open 6am-1pm, every single day. If you have kids like mine that are up with the sun (and the sun rises close to 5 each day now), get there early.

There are also city specific farmers’ markets like ours in St. Louis Park. It’s open Wednesdays during the summer from 11-4pm in the plaza at the West End. Not only is there a farmer’s market each Wednesday but, from 11-12, there’s a free kids’ music concert! This week The Nadas were performing and it was, actually, a pretty good show. Now, a lot of music made for kids can be, let’s say, irritating. Every once in a while you find some quality stuff, though, and The Nadas were good. They even let some kids up on stage to play with them.

This concert series is sponsored by Creative Kidstuff and they were on hand to make crafts for the kids to take home (again, for free) so we now have two loud shakers in our midst. Thank you? Seriously we had a lot of fun, despite the rain and wind. The kids danced and got to see some music being made. It was great fun. We got some great looking swiss chard and herbs afterward, and Lucy charmed a vendor into giving her a potato. So check out your local farmers market. You really can’t beat it for a cheap and fun adventure.

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