Monday, Monday, Monday

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June 21, 2012 by Carin


Is it just me or do Mondays tend to just suck?  Mondays around here are tough and frustrating.  The kids tend to act up more, listen less and try my patience more so than on Friday.  But I have to admit I tend to have less patience, feel less rather than more rested and missing the second parent in my life that is home during the weekends.

Our weekends are usually pretty laid back with running, park and pool visits, playing, napping, and doing whatever comes to us that day.  The weeks are laid back as well, but I am on my own.  I generally have good kids, but a three year old and a non-verbal very mobile one year old presents their own special challenges.  Several times a week we have play dates, activities and errands to run to keep our days moving and the kids active.  But it is always Mondays that are the hardest to get back into the groove of the week.

As Sunday night approaches, it seems the hours fly by more quickly than during the start of the weekend.  Sunday night is when I sit down and realize all the things that didn’t get done over the weekend, what lies ahead for the week or doesn’t lie ahead and I have to remind myself that my other half is returning to work.  I enjoy being with my husband, I really do, but I really, really enjoy having another referee home with me, another set of eyes and someone else to play with the kids other than me!  I am so happy we have kids and that I stay home with them, but a break is always welcome during the weekends.

So who else dreads Monday?  I can’t be the only one!

I have noticed my reluctance for Monday and have worked hard this past Monday to be more positive and less cranky myself hoping the kids would pick up on my vibe and we would have a good day.  Yeah, that was out the window the minutes the three year old work up and was immediately crabby and willing to test every button I had.  Not a good day to say the least.

But I am already thinking to next Monday and how I can approach it better.  I don’t want to enter the week or every week for that matter, with a bad attitude and a terrible Monday.  I really want to strive to start our week excited for what lies ahead and the adventures we can have.  What to do, what to do.  I probably need to start with my thought process come Sunday night and go from there.  Dreading the week ahead starting Sunday night doesn’t do anyone any good and only puts me in a negative frame of mind. So a few things I think will try next Monday.  Step one, better attitude Sunday night.  Step two, get out of the house Monday morning for something fun to get us (kids and I) in a better mood.   Step three, let the To Do list fall away and work on it later in the week. Step four…have fun it is summer after all!

What about you, do you dread Mondays?  What do you do to start your week off well?

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