Adventure Friday {6.22.12}


June 22, 2012 by Carin

It’s Friday again and that means Adventure Friday!

My  husband and I had been talking about trying to find a Friday afternoon to take the kids downtown and have lunch at some of the Minneapolis Food Trucks.  Well last Friday my husband found himself with the latter half of the day free after a client rescheduled.    Food trucks have been around in various parts of the country for quite a while, but they are relatively new to Minneapolis.  They now congregate primarily on Marquette between 5th Street and 8th Street (map here).  They offer some good street food and a fun atmosphere to enjoy it in.    I did pack lunches for the kids just in case we couldn’t find something for them or they didn’t have the patience to wait and eat.   This was more for us then them, but an adventure all the same.

My husband and I split up to maximize our time and find some good food.  I stopped at Stanley’s on Wheels for a pulled pork sandwich and their special that day, brisket tacos with guacamole.  Both delish and enjoyable!  My husband and Grace headed to Taqueria La Hacienda for three tacos of different flavors and Grace got a cheese quesadilla, beans and rice.  The quesadilla was overflowing with cheese and it was awesome.  The beans and rice were great as well, but she loved the quesadilla.  I pulled out a blanket and she popped a squat on the side of Marquette, took in the scene and ate away.  Myles ate his PB & J and then proceeded to play peek-a-boo with various food truck patrons and loved it all.  As the lunch hour wound down, we picked up our things, searched out a trash can and dessert.  We came upon Cupcake on the Go and had two fabulous cupcakes…vanilla with sprinkles and key lime.  Yummy!

We finished our day by visiting my husband’s downtown office and showing the view to the kids.  We could see the river, Guthrie, Stone Arch Bridge and Twins Stadium (Target Field).  It was a lot of fun to see the city from 30 floors up after having a great “picnic” lunch on the side of the street downtown.

Some might think this is an adventure for our kids, but Grace loves seeing the city skyline and when she does she proclaims “There is my city!” Bringing her into the city she proclaims as her was fun and she loved looking at the tall buildings and see Daddy’s office.

If you do decided to take in the food trucks, another option to round out your adventure would be to head over to the river and check out the Mill District as Melissa and her family did here.

Downtown Minneapolis is fun and it is good for kids to see the city and experience the hustle, bustle, excitement and energy of the city.  You never know what they will discover!

Riding high on Daddy’s shoulders checking out the tall buildings

Playing peek-a-boo with anyone who will play

One thought on “Adventure Friday {6.22.12}

  1. Hi Carin, sounds like you had a good experience with the downtown Mpls food trucks. Hopefully the lines weren’t too long on the day you went. I also wanted to thank you for including my site in your post! Minneapolis is definitely one of the up and coming food truck cities!


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