Confession Tuesday {6.26.2012}

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June 26, 2012 by Melissa

We’ve recently had our first incidents of our child swearing. Lucy has said “God damn it” a few times in the last several days, always in the right context of being angry or frustrated. Both Chris and I admit to having said that phrase, not always realizing that the girls were nearby. I know I’ve said it if my wrist has given me some pain (I have horrible postpartum tendonitis that has yet to be treated fully) and Chris feels like he’s said it driving or under his breath when irritated. We felt like we did so well cutting out all swearing after Lucy was born but this one phrase has slipped by because it’s not as terrible as things we used to say. It’s still a terrible phrase, especially when uttered by a high sweet sing songy voice. The first time she said it was in the car as we waited for our turn to pull out onto a busy street. The second time was in the tub when Alice splashed her. The last time was when she was looking at a Tinker Bell Look and Find book with her Dad and she said about a particular butterfly on one page: “God damn it, I can’t find it!” Sigh.

We’ve decided to talk with her the next time she says it. We’ve tried ignoring it and we’ve cut the phrase out of our repertoire completely but I’m sure she’ll test it and say it again. Most kids have this incident and I’m aware it could have been much worse. It’s still humbling and makes me realize all that I say that would be inappropriate coming out of either child’s mouth. Hell, darn it, oh Jesus (she said that when she dripped potty on the floor), and anything said in a sarcastic tone…which some days is almost everything.

What have your kids said that shocked you? How did you handle it? What words or phrases do you miss saying?

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