Clean Freak Seeks Advice and or Help


June 28, 2012 by Carin

I am sorry if you stop by my house this week and probably next week because our house is a mess!  Well not so much a mess because we tend to keep it picked up, but it just feels dirty.  There is dust on every conceivable surface, the kitchen floor is gross (your shoes might stick to it!), the bathroom needs a good scrub, all the bedrooms need to be vacuumed and of course there is the dog hair.  Sounds inviting doesn’t it?

Am I the only one who has the problem of not being able to ignore the messy house?  I try to keep the house picked up, the toys put away and the random stuff in check.  But the dust, dog hair, bits on the carpet and what not drives me insane.  I know, I know I should really let it go, enjoy my family and not worry about it.  But really, I can’t.  I spend hours a day in my house and to ignore the mess is really hard.  Finding the time to clean is harder and with two kids running around only makes pulling the cleaning materials out difficult.  I have two built in helpers of mess making running around my feet that only adds insult to injury while try to clean a messy house.

I have read several things that a messy house is a sign of a happy home, playful kids and attentive parents.  But when my house is my “office”, letting the mess become messier is really hard.  Who of those that work outside the home are happy to work at a messy, disorganized desk all day?  Not many, right?  So when I work in my home all day, I only want it to be clean, organized and put together.   The toys strewn are enough to put me over the edge some days.  And then there is the little guy of the house who is at that age where he picks up anything he can, carry it to a different room drop it and then pick up something else.  I feel like my days are picking up random items from one room and carrying them around till I get back to the correct room.  For instance, he loves to walk into our bedroom, grab the cordless phone and then walk around the house with it until he tires of the phone or finds something more alluring.  So I pick up the phone and pile it with all the other randoms on the counter until the end of day when I can put the items in the correct room.

Where to go from here?  I have seen several lists on Pinterest that assigns particular tasks to each day of the week to help keep the house clean.  Could work by breaking down tasks to a few a day instead of trying to tackle the house all at once.   There are the weekends, but who wants to clean while we can be having fun together as a family.  Nights, but that is the decompression part of the day.  Lastly, there is the “let” it go and get over your messy house mentality.  Not sure what I am going to do other than feel embarrassed when outsiders enter my dirty, messy house.

What do you do?  Do you clean your house on a schedule or wing it?  Any advice you can give for a clean freak like myself?  Soliciting advice ASAP!!

2 thoughts on “Clean Freak Seeks Advice and or Help

  1. Gina says:

    Yep – I have this same problem! Just last week, I shut the door to the bathroom and cleaned it from top to bottom. Both kids were awake and in the living room right outside the door. Finn was fine but Getty was not too happy about me shutting myself in a room without him. But…the bathroom was scrubbed top to bottom and I felt alot better afterward!

  2. I’m with you! I feel so stressed and anxious when my surroundings are a mess, and they almost always are! I get so behind on things like cleaning the fridge or organizing a closet because every day I think I will have time, I forget that, oh, wait, the laundry needs to be done! Or the dishes weren’t finished last night because they didn’t all fit in the dishwasher. The every day stuff can get overwhelming. And then I have 5 messmakers (including my husband, much as I love him) and a small rambler. Anything I do seems to last five minutes. The clean kitchen is trashed by someone who needs a snack. The clean floor is trashed by kids running in and out and tracking in debris. The boys do have chores, but their standards aren’t mine yet, so often there is a lot for me to do after their chores are “done.” Yes, he loaded the dishwasher, but the counters and stove are still filthy. . . I find I snap at my kids a lot more when the house is a mess. I try to put it in perspective and see that all these messes are evidence of happy, busy kids. After all, kids watching TV all day don’t make as much mess as kids who get out Legos and Play-Dough and craft supplies. But it’s hard. I grew up an only child with a very neat mom, and I often think my boys are going to think mess is normal. Their poor wives!

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