Confession Tuesday {7.10.12}


July 10, 2012 by Gina

I am a bit jealous right now.  This is an emotion that I rarely feel because I know it doesn’t really do any good and I am blessed with what I have now in my life and with all of the experiences, friends, joys, heart breaks and curveballs life has thrown me over the past decades.  Yet, I’m still a bit jealous at the moment.  Let me explain…

I have friends all over the world, from Minnesota to Mannheim, Germany and everywhere in between and farther flung.  Lately I’ve noticed (via Facebook) that many of these friends are having amazing adventures and travels.  Of course, it’s easier to travel to some exotic or interesting place when you are already IN one of those interesting places like Europe or South America.  But even my friends in the United States seem to be travelling often – enjoying dinners, entertainment, friends and new places.  Many of these people travel a lot and seem to always be somewhere exciting and different every week.

Meanwhile, the most exciting traveling that’s happened to me is that my luggage (yes…I said LUGGAGE) traveled to Seattle and other places in the Pacific Northwest with my brother and his family on a recent (and well-deserved) vacation.  I also recently went to Target shopping by myself which seemed like a vacation.

But, seriously, most of these people have children – some of them have small children.  How do they do it and repeatedly?  Granted, many of them travel for work and that’s not always the most enjoyable type of travel.  It’s hurried and stressful and always packed with meetings and then more do-outs when you return home.  But they seem to be having fun after the meetings with great food and what always makes things fun and memorable…the friendships.

I shouldn’t be jealous.  I lived that life for about 13 years after college and before having children.  I was that person traveling all over the world and exploring new places.  I just miss it sometimes and the freedom that comes with it.  I’m in a different phase of my life now with two small boys and another baby on the way.  I just don’t know how to fit in travel at this moment in my life and that’s probably okay.  It’s hard to get away for a weekend or a night to scrapbook or even go out for dinner.  Some of that is my own fault in just not making it a priority and some of it is difficult scheduling having a husband who is often gone (traveling to a not-so-exotic military base).  In a few years, traveling as a family and enjoying new adventures and discoveries together will be just the ticket!  In the meantime, I’m just going to stay jealous for a bit and live vicariously through my friends and their Facebook updates and photos.

One thought on “Confession Tuesday {7.10.12}

  1. Melissa says:

    I call this Facebook envy-people only put good things in their status updates so, of course, their lives look more glamorous and wonderful than they really may be. And as wonderful as travel is, you would hate being away from your boys so much…you stayed home to be with them not to leave them with other people.

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